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Thank you guys :)

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja This is for everyone who has ever liked, followed and enjoyed the things I have on pokecharms, and to all my great friends and also my GF @TooBlue12
This is al for you guys :)
Me: It has been quite a long time
Bloom: But Through all the help from all of you
Ben 10: And because of that...
Ruby: WE GOT 100 FOLLOWERS AND OVER 900 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!
Ash: So on behalf of us and BlueDragonFlame,
Pikachu: Pika!
Tai: For the people who have been there for us...

Me: This is a true honor, and I am so glad to have been on here,
Bloom: And we're far from done
Me: Huh?
Ash: We got you a few things as to congradulate you, for helping us, and others
Me: Umm... sure ok
Tai: First, we have someone here for you as my gift
*A small fire dragon appears out of a red device tai gives me*
Pyromon: Yup! IT'S ME! THE ever flaring battle ready Pyromon!
Me: Pyro!!!! Thnx :)

Ash: This egg is from my Greninja, I thought you may like to have it
*Gives me Froakie egg*
Me: Wow, And this would have the Battle Bond ability as a Greninja!!!
Ash: Thought you would love it :)
Pikachu: Pika Pika!
Translation: Your welcome, and Congrates :)

Ruby: Ok, me next
*Gives a small package, I open it and it is a huge Mechanical scythe*
Ruby: It's also a gun :)
Me :O ........

Ben: Well, here's mine
*Tosses a blue watch, with a symbol, it attaches on my rm*
Me: THE OMNITRIX B!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ben: Yup! Had Azmuth build it, I thought It would take forever and I would miss this, but looks like it came just in time

Bloom: Guess that just leaves me Well, actually I didn't physically get you a gift
Me: Ok... *Really confused
Bloom: *Uses magic, and gives me, a blue jet outfit, with Dark Blue Flaring Fairy wings, and a black, blue and white helmet
Bloom: You are now also the Fairy of the Blue DragonFlame
Me: AWESOME!!! Thnx :)
Bloom: *Kisses cheek* Anytime ;)
Me: :blush:

Ben: ANyways...
Me: Oh! Right *Couhs* Well, IK I got so many amazing things, but I got so much from you guys as well, The gift of joy :)
Bloom: And for that

Everyone: WE THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
  1. NerdyNinja
    DarkDragonFlame: Yeah whatever they said *Reads book*
    Nov 10, 2016