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Terraria meets pokemon Ep1

by EonTheLatias

EonTheLatias First submission.
Zero was a young man, he was always beating the crap out of everything. Then one day, he was fighting the wall of Flesh, when suddenly his best friend Tony jumped in front of him, taking a powerful hit. Tony was dead. Zero was shocked, he dropped his Minishark and started to run. The WoF caught up, and attacked him. Zero was dead too... Zero woke up, somewhere different. The wildlife wasn't trying to kill him. However he knew no-one. He was covered in blood. He saw a pink tail and in the grass. He ran after it with his Boomstick ( Shotgun ) He shot it, only to realize it took no damage. He also realized his Minishark was back. He was walking in the grass and finally found a city. It was super populated, being new to him. Someone came up to him, just to say "What happened?" And she ran away. Then everyone looked at Zero. They all ran. He was alone once again. Then he felt something touch him.
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  1. Machi
    Umergurn cliffhanger! That's so cool! And sad poor zero is alone but I'm confused if he died then how can people see him?
    Jul 10, 2016