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The Race To The End: Terra Forest Part 1

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper This is a little short to fill up Tuesday's missing chapter.
Also Terra Forest is a starter forest.
*John enters Terra Forest
John: Ok let us find a poke.
* John encountered a Linkachu
John: Wait wasn't Linkachu a starter eh ok Tako GO and use Ember.
Tako Lvl: 15
Linkachu's HP- ()()
* Linkachu used Leaf Blade
Tako's HP-()()()()()()()()()(
John: Dangit all I have is a Death Ball well Death Ball GO.
(A Death Ball is always given to you when you lose a gym battle and if it doesn't catch it'll kill the pokemon and you won't get EXP)
John: NOOO.
*To Be Continued*