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Terminus Exploration, Part 1

by BurbleBurble

BurbleBurble A man and his Braixen venture into a cave. What follows is something that you won't expect.
Gerald stood at the mouth of the cave, looking into the dark expanse. “We made it June. The great Terminus Cave!” June, his Braixen, was very wary of this cave. It gave off weird vibes; it was an old mine, abandoned due to a rumor, that a monster apparently lived in the depths below. Not something she liked to hear. She cowered behind her trainer’s leg. “It’ll be fine June! There is no monster down there. Just because the rumor got those scaredy cats out, doesn’t mean we're going to be scared, right? Right?” Not a single growl emitted from the fox’s mouth, only a blank look. A scared look. “It’ll be alright, okay? I’ll be right beside you. And if it gets too bad, I’ll put you away, got it?” Reluctantly, the bipedal fox trudged after the man, into the damp cave.

Inside, Gerald had to admit; it was much darker than it seemed on the outside. June pulled out her stick, creating a decent amount of light. If he remembered correctly, there were several different types of Pokemon found here, but the one thing he was worried about was the sightings of Tyranitar and Aggron...apparently, you’d find many more Lairon and Pupitar than the giant beasts. Those weren’t welcome sights either, but they were easier than the behemoths to take down. Continuing in, a enemy finally presented itself to Gerald and June, a Sandslash.

Sandslash were never a real problem; they were fairly common creatures, but one could pose a threat to June. Considering it seemed pissed at the fact he entered its “area”, It could be assumed it was male. “June, Psychic!” June quickly slammed the Shrew into a large stone. It shook itself off, and quickly dug underground. “That’s it…?” It was confusing for Gerald at least. June seemed a bit suspicious, her eyes jolting around. “Wait, JUNE, LOOK OUT!” That wasn’t it retreating, it was using Dig! It was too late however, the little mouse smashed into June already. It threw her back quite a distance, along with the light. June’s stick fizzled out, leaving them both in the damp, dim light. Gerald rushed to her aid, trying to help her up. “You okay girl…?” “Braix…” She growled as she stood herself up. Picking up her “wand”, she stood back up, obviously damaged, but not out. “Alright June, finish it off with another Psychic!” More than happy to oblige, she slammed it into a wall, several times. When she finally ceased attacking, it limped off, obviously defeated.

“Good work, girl!” He pat her head, she returning it with a half hearted yip. “Let’s take a break, and get you healed up, alright?”

Setting down his pack, he went through the old sack, looking for one of the Super Potions he had packed earlier. Meanwhile, June sat down and licked her wounds. It was no medicine, but it still made it feel better. Gerald found the item he wanted eventually, the orange spray bottle, that any good trainer would know was a Super Potion. “Alright, it might sting a bit, but you should feel better after this.” Spraying it on her various bruises and cuts from the dig attack and the subsequent fall on to the rocky floor, the fox winced as substance sealed her injuries.

“Let’s get something to eat. I got carrots and granola bars, you want one?” She wasn’t in the mood to eat, really, she only wanted to sit back and relax before going even deeper. She nodded her head no, which was one of her ways communicating. She wasn’t skilled enough to use telepathy; most Braixen weren’t. Even if she could use it, telepathy wouldn’t be her main way of communication. If she couldn’t answer with a yes or no, the fox would avoid the question entirely, or answer by pointing to words in a magazine or book. That was one thing that set her apart from other Braixen in Gerald’s mind: a mark above the standard Braixen.

“Ah well, more for me I suppose.” As he grabbed a carrot out of his bag, the pack slipped over, spilling a couple of it’s contents on the floor below. “Oh, come on...Eh, I’ll pick it up in a minute.” Surprisingly, this one choice, led to a domino like chain of events. Starting now.

As Gerald made a mental note of the exit and layout of the abandoned shafts, he couldn’t help but notice a shuffling in his bag. “June, make up your mind. Do you want food or not?” As he gazed up, however, it was not June making the ruckus in the bag. She was actually across the floor from it, just noticing the noise now. “If it’s not you, just who is…?” June was well ahead of Gerald already at the bag, and the mysterious thing shuffling inside it. Ever so cautiously, she slowly put her paw in the bag, searching for the source of the noises.

She found it in the bottom of the bag, gnawing on a carrot. She took it out, ever so carefully, and her eyes widened as she took out a terrifying…

Tiny Noibat. It never stopped gnawing on the carrot, which was comically large compared to the bat itself. June sighed as she gave it a small pat on the head.

“Huh, for a little guy, sure made a lot of noise.” Gerald commented. The little thing chirped in delight as the rest of the carrot fell off, leaving a small piece, small enough for the little dragon to eat. “Still cute though.” He moved in to give it a pet as well. It was definitely enjoying the attention. In the wild, it was fairly hard to find a pokemon that was well acquainted with humans.

“You look like...a Violet. Yeah, let’s call you Violet.” The bat liked the name, or at least Gerald thought. Unlike June, it probably didn’t even understand human language. It might’ve thought Gerald was some Pokemon of sorts. Maybe humans were Pokemon...but that’s a whole other topic, plus a little too existential for Gerald’s taste. Not to mention the other thing he had on mind.

“Violet’s cute and all, but if this is the baby, where’s the mama-” he was quickly cut off by a screech, as a giant figure swept down towards the baby...and June! It was the mother Noivern, and look none too happy with the two foreigners coming in contact with it’s baby. Before Gerald could even warn June, the giant dragon-bat had swooped off with the little Noibat...and June, who was still holding it!

“JUNE! Come back here you overgrown Zubat!” The creature didn’t even react to Gerald’s insult, perhaps not understanding it was an insult; either way, it kept going on. Gerald gave chase to the Noivern, only stopping as it flew over a chasm, June still in her clutches. The poor fox desperately clung to the creature, and Violet, fearing for her life and by extension the little bat.

When he reached the edge of the chasm, he growled in defeat. He’d need to find a way across...with his pack. He threw down his hat in anger. “I’M COMING FOR YOU JUNE!...Right after I get my backpack."