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Terminus: Terminus (Chapter 2)

by Starfall

Starfall Yay Magnus
The pair raced off. The school’s once clean hallways were extremely messy. Loose papers that were scattered everywhere were on fire. “Who are you?” Felicity asked, looking up at the man. “My name is Magnus Crane.” He answered, not looking at her. “I’m Felicity Thomas.” She answered back. “I know.” He answered, throwing a card down. A snake made of fire leapt out, wrapping around a few incoming soldiers. “Where are you taking me?” Felicity asked. “Somewhere safe.” The pair ran off into the school parking lot. A motorcycle sat, undisturbed by the horrors around them, neatly parked in a space. It was black, with a flame deco. Magnus helped Felicity onto it, and hopped into the driver’s seat. He pressed the gas, and they zoomed off.
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