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Terminus: Terminus- (Chapter 1)

by Starfall

Starfall Howdy! This is a story i'm writing for my school newspaper. Enjoy!
Felicity’s light green eyes stared, dully, at the screen in front of her. She was in math class, probably her least favourite subject. She wasn’t very good at it, finding it too time consuming. Felicity glanced down on the computer built into her desk. 11:30. Still 30 minutes of this whole class. She sighed, a bit annoyed, and continued working. Felicity was around 12 years old, enrolled in Terminus School for young Anarists. The Anarists were a group of Terminus’s population able to wield the 8 major Relics; Earth, fire, water, air, ice, nature, poison, darkness, and light. You discover your true relic when you are 19. Felicity still had a long time to wait. “Okay class, send me your…” The math teacher was cut off by a large explosive noise. A loud siren blared over the school’s loudspeaker. “Attention, students. The Blood Oath has invaded. Code red. Please evacuate in an orderly fashion,” the principal’s voice exclaimed, in quite a panic. None of the students listened to the orders. They screamed, terrified, and ran out of the classroom. Felicity stood up, quite confused. She had never heard of this before. She rushed to the window, her teacher already gone. A large swarm of people in blood red cloaks walked in single file towards the school. Felicity recognized them instantly as Anarists, judging by the magical marks on their foreheads and the card decks attached to their belts. Felicity attempted to shrink down, hoping not to be spotted. She heard footsteps coming towards her room. “Oh no, please, this can’t be the end…” She muttered, tears beginning to form at the corners of her eyes. The door to the classroom burst open. Three men stormed in, their boots clicking against the school’s tiled floor. “Come out, come out, where ever you are!” they exclaimed in a sing-song voice. A small slapping sound rang out across the room. Felicity glanced upwards. A new man had entered the room, with scruffy black hair. He had thrown down a card with a fire pattern on it. “Too bad.” He exclaimed, as two fireballs shot at the men. He walked over to Felicity, holding out one hand. “Come with me if you want to live.” he explained. She gladly took his hand.
  1. KonfidentKurusu
    Terminus... Sounds familiar... :)
    May 19, 2016