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Tenmu Suitokuin - Touhou Mystical Power Plant - Trainer Sprite

by Hisseki

request 4.png
Hisseki This was requested to me by @Rei Ryghts on my Sprite Request Thread. If you want one done, go there! :D


This is Tenmu Suitokuin of Touhout Mystical Power Plant. I don't know much about Touhou other than the Bad Apple stuff (I'm sorry don't kill me I know I'm garbage), but this was pretty fun to do!

It's too big to put into a trainer card, but meh. It was super fun making this anyways. :p Again, if you want one made, go to the sprite request thread. Link is below. Bye-bye!

Link to the thread - http://pokecharms.com/threads/hisseki-no-mise-sprite-request-thread.13527/ (Hisseki no Mise - Sprite Request Thread)
  1. Scrafty
    Aug 2, 2016
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  2. Hisseki
    Thanks, Rei. Now I know a bit more about Tenmu here and about the Touhou Project. Thanks a bunch! ;)
    Aug 1, 2016
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  3. Rei Ryghts
    Rei Ryghts
    I can describe the series and this character~
    Touhou Project: a series of Japanese bullet hell shooter video games developed by the single-person Team Shanghai Alice. Team Shanghai Alice's sole member, ZUN, independently produces the games' graphics, music, and programming. Plots in the Touhou Project games revolve around the strange phenomena occurring in Gensokyo, a fictional realm inhabited by humans and yokai, supernatural beings. Prior to the events of the games, Gensokyo was sealed off from the outside world by a magical barrier.

    Mystical Power Plant: a fan-made Touhou Project script for the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 shooting game engine, programmed by ido (known for his previous fangame, The Last Comer.

    Tenmu's Profile:
    Great Tengu (former Human)

    Will not take vengeance if she is held in esteem

    893 (born July 7, 1119)

    Tenmu Suitokuin is based on Emperor Sutoku, the 75th emperor of Japan. After his abdication and death, Sutoku is said to have become a vengeful spirit (in some accounts, a great tengu)

    Profile from creator:
    Stage 4 Boss - Ruler of the Two Worlds of Human and Youkai

    Tenmu Suitokuin

    Species: Great Tengu (former human)
    Abilities: Capable of not taking vengeance if held in esteem

    The "Great Tengu" are high-ranking youkai who hold administrative positions in Tengu society. However, their true nature is that of humans who held exalted positions, and became youkai due to strong resentment in life.

    In order to get revenge, she gathered up youkai with her authority, and formed a system of government on the mountain along with the tengu's leader, Tenma. As such, she greatly disliked the gods from outside, who had suddenly started living on the mountain as of late. (Incidentally, she didn't particularly mind the angels who had previously taken control of the mountain, since they went home right away.) The Geyser Incident the Treasure Ship Incident--- with these incidents that the Moriya gods had caused, she saw an opportunity. She had her news corps bash them, and attempted to spread bad rumors as well, but it wasn't all that successful. There were various causes; the Moriyas skillfully avoided being caught, and the information about the underground world had been blockaded by someone. Above all, though, the matter of the Moriya Shrine that wouldn't (or couldn't) leave was just something that the humans and youkai outside the mountain didn't care about.

    When she found out that Kanako and co. had brought the Life-Guiding Tree to the mountain, and on top of that had invited a god from the outside world, Tenmu was sure that the Moriyas' reputation would be lost for good this time. Why? Because she and the god who the Moriyas had brought had some connection, and no small amount of friendship. She secretly came into contact with "her", and came up with a plot. If "she" were to cause an incident, an enormous amount of energy would gather in the Life-Guiding Tree, and if that went out of control, the ensuing crisis could destroy Gensokyo. That wasn't what "she" was actually planning on, but the possibility of it gave Tenmu more than enough material to ensare the Moriyas. Additionally, the panicked Moriyas would fly towards the tree for sure, and Tenmu herself would catch them in the act there. While helping "her" achieve her goal, Tenmu would obtain an excuse with which to drive the Moriyas off of the mountain. Having them admit that their energy plan was no good would be enough on its own, but if she managed to get information about the Geyser and Treasure Ship Incidents right from the culprits themselves, there couldn't be a greater outcome for her. She also stationed the news corps and patrol corps serving under Aya Shameimaru along the path from the Village to the mountain, in order to obstruct the shrine maiden's interference.

    Her plan was perfect. If there was one fatal flaw in it, it was that the tengu executive herself was caught cooperating with the incident instead.
    Aug 1, 2016