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Ten Comandments of Pokémon

by sK0RKUM4Z

1: Thou shall not use a Master Ball on a Bidoof
2: Thou shall not ride thy bike indoors
3: Thou shall not use Mega Rayquaza on competitive play
4: Thou shall not teach a HM to a legendary
5: Thou shall use your HM Slave as a meatshield
6: Thou shall not send a Lv. 1 Magikarp thru Wonder Trade
7: Thou shall give thy rival an insulting name
8: Thou shall not claim the new generations suck
9: Thou shall not trade a Magikarp with only Splash
10: Thou shall love thy Pokémon as thyself
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  1. Partypo
    a lot of people did 6 and 9
    Jun 20, 2016
    sK0RKUM4Z likes this.
  2. Rovenz
    10/10 I actually laughed when you wrote "Master Ball on a Bidoof" XD
    Jun 19, 2016