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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Temple of Regigigas (Vs. Rigent)

by JC111414

JC111414 Cynthia and Uriel are headed to the Temple of Regigigas in Snowpoint City. Rigent is right there trying to summon Regigigas to become the new ruler of Continents.
We quickly began running and saw the gym leader. "What happened" I asked. "A guy with green hair entered and took down everything with his Flygon" Gym Leader said. "That's him" I said as I continue on. "Wait for me" Cynthia said and we both entered. "STOP!" I yelled. "Well, you made it just in time" Rigent said. All Regis were placed in different locations and were being hold by ropes and stones. "These isn't right for the Regis" I said. "Well, I'll release them after I get Regigigas" Rigent said. "Let's fight once more" I said. "Sure, where's Medicham, I see you have a Monferno, which isn't very good against Flygon" Rigent said. "I caught a new pokemon, right here" I said. "Go Snover" I said. Snover soon evolve into Abomasnow. "I knew it would evolve, use Ice Shard" I said. "Flygon, MEGA EVOLVE and use Earthquake" Rigent said. Ice Shard did decent but Earthquake almost knockout Abomasnow. "MEGA EVOLVE, and use Blizzard" I said. "Mega Abomasnow?, I'm impressed" Rigent said. Abomasnow managed to knockout Flygon. "Return, Go Venomoth use Toxic" Rigent said. Abomasnow soon got poisoned and began taking damage. "Go Garchomp, MEGA EVOLVE, and use Dragon Pulse" Cynthia said. "Go Tauros and use Headbutt" Rigent said. Garchomp took damage but managed to beat Tauros. "Return, Go Salamence, use Draco Meteor on both Abomasnow and Garchomp" Rigent said. Slamence took down Garchomp but Abomasnow managed to survive. "Abomasnow use Blizzard again" I said. Blizzard took down Salamence. "What else do you have" I asked. "One more, Go Charmeleon" Rigent said and a shiny Charmeleon pop up. "FIRE BLAST" Rigent said. "ABOMASNOW NOOO" I said and Abomasnow took the hit. "Return" I said. "Anything else" Rigent said. "Go Monferno, fight hand at hand, use Mach Punch" I said. "Charmeleon use Dragon Claw" Rigent said. Both pokemon kept on attacking and countering each other with hand at hand attacks. "Monferno hold on tight" I yelled. "You too Charmeleon" Rigent said. Both pokemon struggle to get up but managed to do so, but as they did, Charmeleon fell back to the ground and lost. "Return" Rigent said. A light poped up from behind of Rigent and a massive Golem was seen asleep. "Regigigas, come to me" Rigent said. All three Regis went to Cynthia and she caught them all promising to release them back at New Hoenn. Cynthia handed me the Regis in their pokeballs. "Rigent, Regigigas is unleashed, you must do something" I said. "Of course, I'll release him to conquer the world" Rigent said.