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by ShogunZoro

ShogunZoro The summer draws near (or is already here). That means the time comes again for fashion. Fashion of the highest style and arts. The year has stolen the summer festival. Yet, Pokegue continues....
  1. ShogunZoro
    Alright ladies and gentlemen, fashion time... and work. Currently the theme is looking 'bad-ass' during summer. You can still go for the summer's festival vibe if you want to. Just offer what you'll wear, a reference of your character and... yeah. That's should be it. If you want to be credited for your character then just say so. Oh, and a disclaimer: im just one individual, I can't have everyone in a photo shoot at once. (Unless you want a group photo) I'm also not making money off of this. Just Dm yourselves right in. Single file please so this can go fast and so I won't have to deal with you for too long. Summer is here and won't last for long.
    They also don't have to be from a specific server or fandom. I just need ocs to draw)
    Jun 6, 2021
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