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Teapot the Mega Dunsparce chap 1

by Scrafty

Scrafty A new series where Teapot the special Dunsparce has the first available Mega stone
Teapot the Dunsparce woke up early and was really depressed because he really wanted to be a mega pokemon. He was pretty jealous about the pokemon that has mega's and a little anxious wondering if Teapot will ever get a Mega Stone.
Teapot: Waah! Linkachu, I need a Mega Evolution.
Linkachu: Well we hope one day you get one soon.
Kyubeon: And also you should get one too Linkachu. You'll look cool.
Teapot: Sadly I don't think he is really concerned about that.
Kyubeon: Well you'll never know. It's could be deep down In his heart.
Teapot: Well we will never know, for now! Well see you guys later!
Happy Sprite boy: Hi my name is Daniel.
Teapot: But your username is Happy Sprite boy.
Daniel: Well you can call me Daniel for short. So what do you want me to make.
Teapot: If you don't mind can you make a mega stone for me please.
Daniel: Well, hmm... It may take a while to make. It was cost about, hmm... 30,000 PKM.
Teapot: The hell...! That's too much! I only have 20,000 PKM. Ugh...
Daniel: Well these aren't available yet. Well I have made Raichu and Pikachu Mega's for less than 20,000 PKM. It costs about 10,000 PKM.
Teapot: Well... Kyubeon told me it might have been Raichu's wish deep inside his heart, but it is deep inside my heart too to get myself a Dunsparce Mega. Hmmm....
Daniel: Well... Are you going to buy it or not.
Teapot: ... I will buy it!
Daniel: Well that's a good choice.
Magpie: Squawk. I live making Pokémon kibble. It is going to be tasty. Oh hi Teapot what's wrong.
Teapot: Sigh... I didn't get my mega stone, instead I got Linkachu one.
Magpie: Well that is cring. Eek... Sigh... I am a crow and people think we represent death so yeah. We are kinda not aloud to say those stuff. So yeah.
Teapot: Well I knew what you are going to say.
Magpie: Well... The kibble is almost cooked. You may have a chance to give Linkachu a mega stone to help him get to a new level.
Teapot: Ok.
Magpie: Kibble's ready!
Kyubeon: I am starving from a long day of assignments and a job as a teacher. Ugh... Oh well. Hey, Teapot, what's with the long face.
Teapot: I didn't get my mega evolution stone.
Kyubeon: Well it hasn't been leaked yet but if you wan't to buy one from Daniel's magic shop you may have to find a very good job.
Teapot: Well... I could take time to find a job.
Kyubeon: Why don't you be an explorer, or a Fast food server or something that gives good loans.
Teapot: Well Pokeball fighting may be helpful, right?
Kyubeon: ! That job is seriously dangerous!
Teapot: Ok, another choice... Errm! I might explain after. I got something for Linkachu! Hey, Linkachu!
Linkachu: Sup.
Teapot: Here. I bough't you a Raichu mega stone.
Linkachu: Well thanks! You did not have to buy it. I can buy it myself but, oh well I will accept it.
Kyubeon: You are so caring Teapot.
Magpie: Squack! Just eat the food now guys. It is cold and don't talk about Lo... Squak! Stuff!
Teapot: Ok.
Magpie: Well now it's getting late. You guys should a long rest for another day.
Kyubeon: Well I am had a long day.
Teapot: Well... Me too, kinda.
At midnight
Linkachu: The guys are sleeping, septh for Magpie though, but he goes out for night patrol so yeah. Well I am going to sneak to the front room. Yes! I got a Mega stone for me I wonder what I will look like! Woah! I look cool. I really need to thank him. Well I should buy him a Dunsparce mega stone. Well, the shop up the road is open 24/7.
Daniel: Hello customer.
Linkachu: If it is ok, can I purchase and Dunsparcite please.
Daniel: A friend of Teapot's, eh? Well it costs 30,000 PKM.
Linkachu: What!? That's too much! It is all my money I have for tomorrow, because I have a job unlike Teapot sadly, but well okay I will purchase it.
Teapot: I need to get a job! I am going to work at Buneary's Cheese!
Buneary: Well hello. Signing in.
Teapot: Yep. I need a job.
Buneary: Well can you cook?
Teapot: Well, Magpie usually cooks at hoem so, I don't think I am that good, but I can be a server.
Buneary: Hmm... Ok. Your in. But we are going to do a practise first. So I will be the customer.
Teapot: Ok, can't be too hard.
Teapot serves and passed.
Buneary: That is really good. This will be your job.
Teapot: Yes. I can't get my Mega stone yet but I will get it.
Linkachu: Teapot! I got you a present.
Teapot: Well?
Linkachu: Here's the Dunsparcite!
Teapot: I love you Linkachu!!
End of Chap 1
  1. Scrafty
    I always thought Teapot a a bit ages ago. Sorry for saying the hims/he
    Aug 21, 2016
  2. _Umbreon_
    Teapot can you help whenever I comment it sends 4 messages.
    Feb 26, 2016
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