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by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade Trust friendship and loyalty are 3 things that you should share with your Pokemon
Whether it's a blastoise a Charizard or a Venasaur that's in the first slot of your Pokemon party every trainer should share a bond with every Pokemon they have. From your Gym busting Absol to your Magikarp every trainer should always be close to their trainer
Trust every trainer must believe in their Pokemon even if they loose a battle or you get mad at them believe in your Pokemon everything's okay you did your best that's all that matters
Friendship if you are not friends with your Pokemon it wasn't meant to be but every Pokemon can be tamed from the loudest Exploud to that quiet Flabebe
Loyalty remember that starter you got from the professer that was the first Pokemon that is yours you will grow up with that Pokemon from your first Bug Boy battle to Champion of the region you and that Pokemon have shared countless memories together.
So the next time you look at the main six Pokemon in your Party or the Pokemon that have been waiting in that PC remember these 3 words

Trust. Friendship. Loyalty.
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