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Team Toxicstorm

by Glitch Ghost

Glitch Ghost Just a story that I wrote about the beginnings of a Rescue team.
Chapter 1

Waking Up

“Ugh,” moaned Sanem ,a lone Sableye. He was out in the Poison Outreaches. The area was murky and stunk badly. “Those idiots back at Guib town are always sending me down to the mines.” Suddenly a skorupi ran out under a rock that Sanem picked up. Sanem fiddled the rock around, eyeing every little detail. “Guess a little snack couldn’t hurt” he muttered to himself. Throwing the rock in the air and catching it in his mouth swallowing it whole. “Mmm…” Sanem licked his lips, I should get my food here from now on. Sanem finally arrived at the mines. He grabbed a torch to see in the dark, despite being part ghost type he couldn’t see in the dark very well. He plunged into the darkness.

Sanem knew these mines like the back of his err… ‘hand’ and knew exactly where to look for rare gems. As he was looking for the spot he was looking for he saw two shadows. “W-w-who’s there?” the Sableye questioned, scared for his life as he came closer he noticed the bodies of two unconscious Pokémon. Sanem raced unto them as fast as his legs could carry him. “Hello?!” Sanem shouted “Are you okay?!” Sanem started calling for help. Maybe I should use my escape orb and run back into town, he thought to himself, Wait, I can’t due that! some sort of monster could get them!. He shifted his glance to the two Pokémon. One was a Trubbish and the other was a Croagunk. What to do, what to do? All of a sudden one started to wake up. “Hey. Why is it so dark in here?” the Trubbish asked. “What did we do last night?” the Croagunk, now awake, questioned. “Thank Giratina! (Sanem is a ghost type) You two are both awake!” The Trubbish and the Croagunk had looks of confusion on their faces. “Oh. Right you can’t see me. Let me bring you to to the surface.” Sanem stated.

“Wow, you two had me worried.” said the happier Sanem as they appeared on the surface in the poisonous landscape. “So what are your names?” Sanem asked politely. “Well,” started the Trubbish, “I am Nicholas, but you can call me Nick. And this is my younger brother James.” Then both James’ and Nick’s eyes adjusted to the sun. They were surprised to be talking to a Sableye. “Are you alright?” Sanem asked. Both brothers were speechless. “You just talked…” James said in a confused manner. “Um… yeah, everyone can speak.” Sanem stopped smiling. “But your a Pokémon…” James continued. “Um…you’re Pokémon too.” Both James and Nick looked down to see that they were transformed into Pokémon. “BUT WE’RE NOT POKÉMON, WE’RE HUMANS!!!!!” Nick screamed. James remained calm as his older brother kept running around like a fool. About a couple hours of Nick screaming, crying, yelling, denying and whining he finally calmed down.

Well that took forever. James thought. Hey I was in shock! Nick thought back. (James)Hmm… we seem to be able to remember some things when we were human. (Nick)Like what? (James)Well for one thing, we aren’t freaking out about speaking telepathically. “You two okay?” Sanem asked. “Oh, Yes!” Nick exclaimed. “I guess I should tell you. James is not much of a speaker so I communicate to him telepathically.” Sanem stared at Nick. “Well, that’s not the weirdest thing I heard” Sanem stated, "But how can you speak telepathically?"James and Nick looked at each other. "I guess we don't know." James muttered under his breath. "Amnesia." Sanem looked up to the sky as the sun was setting. “Oh no!” Sanem yelled “I’m gonna be late for Team recruitments! I don’t even have a team ready!” “Whoa!” exclaimed Nick “If you’re looking for members, why not us?” Sanem stared “Really you’d do that for me? Even when we just met?” Nick, what are you doing? Trust me James. “Yes” Nick said. “Thank you!” Sanem exclaimed “but we must hurry or Mawi will be mad!”
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  1. Glitch Ghost
    Glitch Ghost
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