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Team Skeleton?

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Part of a written work exchange with @Sciencewars. The basis is pretty much, what. If after Team Skull was disbanded, a member decoded not to give up the Skulll life.
Alola, a region of harmony, peace, and unity. This tropical region is an island vacation, with many new species to discover. But watch out. There is a villainous team called Team Skull, who- Hey! Cut that out! Give me that mic. Ow!

“HEY it’s ya boi! Grunt Tony. I’m here to tell ya the awesomeness that is Team Skull. We, here at Team Skull believe that all of our membas are our bois. We’re like a familiar here at Team Skull, so registrations are gonna be up at the community center today. Whoo!”


Team Skull Grunt Tony sat down behind the desk outside of the community center. Currently, he was completely alone, except for Hakim, his Meowth partner. He twirled around in his swivel chair as people passed by him going inside, and ignoring the homemade Join Team Skull Sign, he had spent the previous night working on. Ever since Guzma had gone straight, membership was at an all time low. Of course considering Tony way the only member. Why he still considered himself a Grunt was beyond him, but there he was. Still waiting.

“HEY, c’mon Alola. Y'all should be begging to join Team Skull.” Tony cried out from his chair. Hakim gave a yawn and Tony’s swiveling came to a halt. “You know what. If I can't get people to join Team Skull, I get people to join Team Skeleton!” He exclaimed jumping out if his chair.”Let's go Hakim and hit the bars. The perfect recruiting place!” He shouted before grabbing the Alolan Meowth and rushing off to the bar.


“And if ya join Team Skeleton, you get um, a high five,” Tony said, as he began to stagger. He had a bit too much to drink while “recruiting.” He was currently talking to the jukebox at the back of the bar. “You know, I haven't seen anyone like you here lately. Are you a misfit? Team Skeleton’s full of misfits. You should join,” he mumbled before wandering away.

-The Next Day-

Tony's head was swimming when he woke up the morning. But having a massive hangover wouldn't stop him from gathering up the current members of Team Skeleton. He took a few pills, and made a few phone calls to gather the members he had gathered from the bar.

-One Hour Later-

Tony stretched his shoulders back and examined the current state of Team Skeleton. The members included, of course, Tony, a middle aged man, a stoner girl, and a talkative Jukebox.

“Okay Team Skeleton grunts, state your name,” Tony said fidgeting slightly. He was a bit nervous.

“My name is Dave, and I’m joining, mainly because my wife left me, and she took the kids, leaving me with nothing to live for.” The middle aged man said, scratching his revealed stomach
that peaked out from under his shirt.

“I was like promised an amazing feeling with a never ending high. Everything I’ve tried, has a shorter high than a never ending one. Oh yeah, Im a, hold on,”. The stoner girl said twiddling a lock of her black hair around her finger. “Oh yeah, Sara.”

“And you Mr.” Tony said facing the Jukebox.


Tony bursted out laughing after a minute of silence. “You Steve, are a funny Jukebox,” he said after his laughter had died down a bit. “Okay, and I’m Tony and together we are Team Skeleton!” He shouted happily, while the others, assuming Steve had eyes, stared at the young man. He was a bit off his rocker.
  1. Skippidypowpow
    This is good, so here's my compliment sandwich. I loved your idea of recreating what happened with Team Rocket in Gen 2 and you did so well at it. I feel that the story was lacking, however, and more could've been added. Examples being finally getting a member of the team and Tony's reaction to this, and maybe making the poster. Nonetheless, this story left me visualizing all of the characters and wanting more, like a good chapter does. Awesome job, Ry, and I can't wait to see more writing from you!
    Jun 14, 2017
    Ry_Burst likes this.