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Team Necro! My Original Evil Team

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir The goals, and rankings of my fanmade region, Nita's very own evil team
Team Name: Team Necro

Base of operations: Fantasma Town, Nita region (My fanmade region, which is based on Basque, a northern region of Spain)


Julia: She is the sister of Team Necro's boss, and her main pokemon is her gengar. She also has a drifblim, a mightyena, and a houndoom.

Kemen: A former grunt who worked his way up to the top. His main pokemon is his aegislash, though he rarely ever uses him. He also owns a sensu-style oricorio, a cofagrigus, and an incineroar.

Main pokemon types used: Dark and ghost. Most grunts own gastlys or haunters,

Boss: Nekane

Pokemon Team: Banette, yamask (Which she never wants to evolve), drifblim, houndoom, chandelure.

Goal: To use the power of the Nita region's guardian deity, Vidangel, to revive her beloved daughter, who was killed in an accident when she was five.

History: Nekane was once an ordinary pokemon professor, who was the single mother of her daughter, Alicia. Nekane had no living friends or family, so she came to believe that her daughter was the only person in the world who loved her.

One day, she received a phone call while at work, telling her that Alicia had been killed in a car accident. Deeply agreived by Alicia's death, she refused to accept the fact that her daughter was dead, and began researching ways to bring her back. Knowing the myth about the Nita region's guardian deity, Vidangel (If you sacrifice the souls of one thousand pokemon to it, it will grant any wish you want), she is now obsessed with summoning Vidangel, and has her grunts steal pokemon for her to sacrifice to it, in the hopes of bringing Alicia back.

Alicia's body rests in a bed inside a giant freezer, which Nekane refers to as 'Alicia's bedroom'. She insists that Alicia is only sleeping, and will become angry if you say otherwise.
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