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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Team Ice Returns?!

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria, mad at herself, desides to go to Route 102, only to find troubles at hand.
I was angry at losing to Kenta like that. I continued walking down the road to Emberbrown. On the way there I found three people abusing a pokemon. Two seem to followed the commands of the 'Leader'. "Hey stop it, don't you know he has feelings too" I yelled. The Three man surrounded me. "So, you have come to stop us, Team Ice" One said. "Team Ice?" I said. "Sounds familiar, but I don't remember" I said. "We are the New Team Ice, coming back after taken down by Rigent and that Uriel kid" The 'Leader' said. "I'm Bruce, you might think we were defeated but we came back" He said. "I will stop you" I said. "You alone, don't make us laugh" Bruce said. "She's not alone this time" A voice came from behind, it was Prof. Green. "A old prof. has come to protect a defenseless girl" Bruce said. "STOP" I said. "Go Treecko use Vine Whip" I said. "Go Snorunt use Icy Wind.
The Snow Hat Pokémon
It is said that several Snorunt gather under giant leaves and live together in harmony.

Treecko fainted. "Go Cyl (Cyndaquil's Nickname), use Ember" Prof. Green said. Snorunt fainted. "Go Zubat, Go NidoranM" Both Grunts said. "Go Electrike use Spark, Cyl use Ember again" Both Prof. Green and I said and managed to defeat the Team Ice Grunts. "We will come back" They said running away. "Hey, glad I made it in time" Prof Green said. "Yeah, I couldn't of done it alone" I said. "Aron" The abused pokemon came to me. "Want to come with me on a journey" I asked him. "Aron" he said happily. "Go Pokeball" And I caught Aron.
The Iron Armor Pokémon
It usually lives deep in mountains. However, hunger may drive it to eat railroad tracks and cars.

"How have you pokedex come along" Prof Green said. "Pretty good" I said. "I'm also competing to Complete the Pokedex, I have seen a lot of pokemon lately, and that Snorunt and Aron added more pages to my pokedex" He said. "Yeah, Zubat and NidoranM added pagaes for meas well" I said. "Yeah, I'll see you around, Daria, I see great potential in you" Prof. Green said leaving. I continued on to Emberbrown Town...
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