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Team Honey

by Magdaneela

team honeyy flat.png
Magdaneela Bom the Ribombee and Alfred the shiny Drampa. They're an independent rescue team.
They're also terrible at their job (or hobby??), mostly because Bom is the type that gets very clumsy when excited, and boy, a lot of things excite her. Especially rescue team work, that was her idea in the first place. At some point she clumsily lost the badge in the waterfall, so really, it only works half the time now, which is kind of a nuisance sometimes.

As for Alfred... what do I say about him. He's kind of bad at displaying his feelings unless they're negative, and he does not really enjoy being a shiny either. He's a shy introvert who's not too fond of attention. Too bad he attracts a lot of it when he's around other pokémon, you don't exactly see shinies often. The size isn't helping that much either.
So deep down, he's actually pretty envious of Bom. He wants to be more like her, more happy about life. Maybe that's part of why he agreed to join this team in the first place, who knows.

Their team base is a rather cheaply made tree hut, located somewhere on the islands near the Sand Continent. Yeah, alolan pokémon should definitely exist in the PMDverse somewhere, you can fight me on this. I know it's not a thing in the games yet, but I can dream, right?
  1. RazwDaz
    Aww, so cute! I like that they're not actually good at their job.
    Feb 11, 2017
    Magdaneela likes this.