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Team Busybodies

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 A hypothetical story if I had an evil team.
If I had an evil team it would be called 'The Busybodies' Who are The Busybodies? The Busybodies are just nice friendly average people right? They look like nice friendly people. They dress ,and act like normal average people because they are normal people. Despite their lack of an official uniform all Team Busybodies members display shades of white and gray into their outfits. A plain white t-shirt, grey pants ,or white baseball cap. Team Busybodies predominantly uses normal type pokémon. They are the most common type pokémon. There are over 100+ known normal type pokémon. Quite fitting for the average person.

Now that I've explained what the average grunt dresses like let's talk about their goals. Most of Team Busybodies's members are good people who are just tired of evil people wanting to increase the ocean or destroy life with a super weapon. The Busybodies are kinda like a neighborhood watch. They watch out for bad people because their goal is to prevent a problem before it happens.

There are 4 ranks. All nicknames after parts of the body.

Eyes/informants - eyes are usually random John/Jane people who wanna help by reporting suspicious activity. They are also people too shy for confrontation or too scared to get their hands dirty. - Eyes dress in casual clothes ,and may wear one or two pieces of clothing with white or gray. Eyes that have served faithfully are given pendants for their loyalty. All Eyes have atleast 1 normal pokémon.

Hands/grunts - Eyes will usually report suspicious activity to the Hands. these are the people expected to confront, and solve problems. Plain and simple. - Hands wear casual clothes ,but have more white/gray than Eyes. All Hands are given white badges. Hands that serve faithfully are given a silver badge. All Hands have atleast 2 normal type pokémon ,but may have one non-normal type.

mouths/admins - Mouths tell Hands where to go ,and when to go there. Eyes/Hands will go to Mouths when something very suspicious is happening. Mouths are expected to deal with the most challenging of problems. Only the most faithful members of Team Busybodies are aloud to become Mouths.(there can only be three Mouths) - Mouths wear fancier clothes than Eyes/Hands. All Mouths are given a silver sigil ring with a white diamond. All Mouths have 4 normal type pokémon and maybe 2 non-normal type pokémon.

Brain/Boss - The Mouths may tell the Eyes and the Hands what to do ,but the Brain is in true control of the body. If a problem is so challenging that even the Mouths can't solve the Brain is the last ace in the hole left. The Brain wears a tailored white suit with gray pinstripes ,and silver dress shoes. The Brain wears a silver sigil ring with a black diamond. The Brain has 6 normal type pokémon.

The brain of course uses the normal type team found in my signature.

Assuming the Brain's name is Dolan...

The protagonist would reach their first town ,and hear some good rumors about Team Busybodies. Team Busybodies is helping people ,and is great! A couple people you hear this stuff from will be Eyes. Nothing will suggest they have any affiliation to the group.

As you reach your second town you'll hear about some small crimes occurring lately. You'll see some Hands whom after they just got finished 'solving a problem'. They seem nice. One of them tells you they are from Team Busybodies ,and that you should tell them if you see any criminal activity.

Once you beat the third gym leader you will hear a crime coming from an alley way. Once you investigate it will be some generic criminals messing with someone(potentially a friend you met previously in the story). You stop the criminal ,and some Hands come to see what the commotion was. They mistake you for the criminal ,and realize you aren't the criminal ,and apologize after you beat them.

In the fourth town you'll unexpectedly bump into Dolan as he walks out of a pokémart. He's buying potions to share with others. He gives you two super potions ,and even a rare candy. He won't reveal himself to be the boss but he comes off as a nice friendly helpful guy.

In the fifth town You'll hear some Eyes talk about some very suspicious activity coming from a warehouse. You expect the wearhouse ,and theres tons of tough criminals along with their boss. You take them down. After beating the boss you are met with a surprised Mouth. The Mouth thanks you for doing their work for them. Challenges you to a friendly battle ,and after beating them they give you TM surf.

As you reach the 6th town your friend is staring at the ocean ,and they tell you to look at an island not too far from the coast. You'll be expected to check the island out with them. On the island is a cave. At the lowest depths of the cave is a regice. A different Mouth will confront you ,and demand you leave the regice alone which will result in you battling them ,and the Mouth apologizing for their behavior and leaving. Before you can challenge the regice it will flee.

After you beat the 7th gym leader they will ask you to meet you on top of the mountain just outside of town. Once you reach the mountain you will see some Hands running into a cave with the third Mouth right behind them. You follow them ,and you fight through Hands to get to the bottom. At the bottom you will see the third Mouth as well as regirock. After you beat the admin the regirock will flee. In a fit of rage the Mouth will talk about their plans to 'change the world for the better'. He will reluctantly hand you a hyper potion before leaving.

You'll get a message from the professor talking about how all the regis(except regigigas) have gone angry and began going on a rampage. Also some people invaded a sacred temple of regigigigas within the 8th city. The people at the entrance of the temple will tell you everything is alright ,but if you talk to them enough time they will reveal themselves to be Eyes. You will go in fight Hands ,and the three Mouths. The first Mouth you met will feel regret after you beat them ,and will heal your pokémon before you go further into the temple. You will need to navigate through some underground ruins before seeing regigigas ,and the Brain himself Dolan.

Before you can stop him he will catch regigigas ,and will reveal his plan to use regigigas to reshape the world so that all regions become one. With all regions as one he could expand his empire ,and influence over every region. Although his intentions are good he has shown he is willing to do anything to achieve them. He challenges you and switches his kecleon for regigigas in this fight alone. After you beat him he will apologize ,and regret his actions.

post game - Seeking forgiveness he will search for the other regis and tell you where they are so you can defeat(or catch) them thus calming them down enough to return to their resting places(unless you caught them). Once all the regis have been calmed down he will ask you for a friendly battle. This time he will use kecleon instead of regigigas. Once you beat him again he will ask if you'll take care of regigigas.

Afterwards Team Busybodies will simply settle for helping the region they are in. However rather than fighting crime they will focus on helping people in need. You will be given several side missions from Team Busybodies as these are missions to fight a new group of prominent criminals. You will be paid well for helping them out.