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TPA: Taylor's Pokemon Adventure

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This is chapter 1 of my story! :)
Chapter 1
Taylor woke up from his bed to hear his alarm clock.It was 7:30,"Oh boy!Today's the day that I get my first pokemon!"Taylor exclaimed.He jumped out of his bed and quickly got dressed.His dad,Owen,was waiting for him with a plate of pancakes."Yummy!"Taylor muffled as he stuffed pancake in his mouth."Now Taylor,don't choke."Owen sternly said.15 minutes later,Taylor packed his portrait of dad,his older sister,Cassidie,and him into his backpack. Cassidie was now a pokemon gym leader,so he was excited to battle his sister and her fire pokemon.His uncle,Ash Ketchum,was a gym leader since he had already completed his mission to become a master pokemon trainer.Taylor ran downstairs and went to lab where Professor Mahogany was waiting."Professor Mahogany!I'm here!"Taylor yelled,"Uhh,I'll be there in just a second Taylor!"Mahogany yelled back.A young boy throwing and catching a pokeball came out of the room where the yell from Mahogany came."You!"Taylor angrily said.
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  1. lilonegia
    I like it! This should be a real show! Lol>_<
    Aug 27, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    This is good. Real good. But I've got a couple questions that should be answered in later chapters of your writing.
    But shouldn't ash be a Pokemon master and not a gym leader? And since when did he have a sister? (I'd like an explanation bout that. I like to hear theory's) What region is this? Have you figured a name yet?
    I Like the name for the Pokemon professor. We needed another tree.
    I like your story though! Keep up the good work!
    Aug 26, 2014
    CloudLine64 likes this.