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The Song and the Silence: Tanner Takes on the Musica Reigion, Chapter 2

by Captain Cardboard

Captain Cardboard Tanner continues on his journey, meeting many interesting characters and facing the first gym! However, darker plans by darker people have been set in motion...
Author's Note:
Hi. Hello. I'm not dead. That's a good way to start it, right?
Um... So... I'm just gonna say it.
IHOLY COW!!! THIS IS LIKE, NINE PAGES!!! I didn't mean for it to be this long. But I'm too lazy to shorten it into two chapters. So, enjoy.

Tanner was running, his legs pumping to give him speed. He could see the dock, and the ferry. The boy tried to call out to the ship, but he couldn't muster the air.

No, no, no! I'm not going to make it!

Sure as a Sheildon, by the time Tanner had reached the dock, the ferry had pulled away. He stopped at the end of the dock, trying to catch his breath.

“Dang it...” Tanner gasped. He sat and watched the ferry sail away, so close and yet so far. The sun was setting as well, giving the sky hues of orange and red.

“Well… I guess we're staying here for the night.” Tanner said, holding up Blue's Pokeball.

What a crazy day…


“It's OK, Blue. Really! You've done enough, and you need your rest.” Tanner said, petting Blue's nose. He reached into his bag and, pulling out an Oran Berry, fed it to Blue. “You got us far. Now take a break.”

He returned Blue to her Pokeball, and looked at… the choice. In front of him lay a fork in the road. The road continued on straight, but also, there was a road to the left. In front, he could see smoke and steam rising from the smokestacks of multiple factories. To his left, the road dipped downward and into a wooded area. There was also a sign to the side that said:

↑ Gunky City

←Allegro Town

“To the left it is!” Tanner said. “Come on out, Tsara!”

He threw a Pokeball into the air, and Tsara appeared… right above his head. The evolution plopped right down on Tanner.

“Hey, Tsara!” Tanner said, grabbing the Eevee.

“Oy, you!” The first thing Tanner noticed about the Trainer approaching him was his hair. It was a scruffy, sky blue color. Then Tanner noticed his eyes, just as blue as his hair and full of excitement. He wore a green shirt, and some worn jeans. The guy also had a medium sized backpack, and a few Pokeballs on his belt. Next to him was a girl with short brown hair that spiked up on either side of her hat. She a green t-shirt and white skirt.

“Um… Yeah?” Tanner asked.

“You're a Trainer, aren't you?” The boy asked.

“Yeah. Are you?” Tanner asked.

“Well, of course I am! Now, get your Pokemon ready, let's have a battle!” The boy said, striking a fighting stance.

“Alright!” Wow! My first battle with another trainer! It's so cool! Tanner looked at Tsara. “You ready?”

The Eevee nodded, then jumped to the ground, growling.

“Okay then! Just show me your Trainer Card, and we'll get right to it!” The boy said.

“Uh… Trainer Card?”

“Yeah. A Trainer Card.” The boy said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a his trainer card. Tanner took it, and looked at it.


“...You don't have one, do you.” The boy stated. “You do realize that it is required, by law, to have a Trainer Card to battle, don't you?”

“Yeah… no.” Tanner said. The boy sighed, and clipped his Pokeball back onto his belt.

“Well. That was anticlimactic.” The boy said. “If you want to become a Trainer, you have to get a Trainer Card. You can get one at the Pokemon Center in Allegro Town. That's probably where you're going, isn't it?”

“Yeah, I thought there was a gym in Allegro Town.” Tanner said.

“Wrong again. The first gym is in Gunky City, not Allegro Town. Come on, I'll take you to Allegro Town.” The boy said. He held out his hand. “The name's Robin, by the way.”

“I'm Tanner, and this is Tsara.” Tanner said, motioning to his Eevee. Tsara sat back and began to groom herself. Robin stared at Tsara, as if noticing her for the first time. He continued to stare until the girl elbowed him in the ribs.

“Oh! Sorry, this is my friend, La- er… Laina.” Robin said. “She's mute.”

The girl, Laina, smiled and waved at Tanner.

“Nice to meet you.” Tanner said, shaking Robin's hand. The three began to walk down the trail, but Robin continued to stare at Tsara. Tsara, noticing this, walked a little closer to Tanner. An awkward silence ensued.

“Soooooo… You got any gym badges?” Tanner asked.

“Mm… Well… Gym Badges don't really matter to me. Not to say that they aren't important. They can be, really. Just not to me.” Robin said.

“Oh.” What an unusual answer...

The trio continued to walk, and another awkward silence ensued.

This is really weird… Who is this guy? And why does he keep staring at Tsara?

As they walked, the trail began to get to narrower and narrower. The forest began to creep closer. As they turned down the trail, Tanner noticed the trail was covered in brambles, completely impassible.

“Uh oh.”

“No problem.” Robin said. Walking up to the brambles, he pulled a sword from his backpack with a loud SHIIING!!!

“Whoa!” Tanner said. Robin made two quick cuts, then poked his sword into the brambles and flung them aside. Tanner looked at Laina. “He has a sword?”

Laina sighed and shook her head, as if to convey how much of a showoff Robin was being.

“It's all clear!” Robin said, sheathing his sword. Tanner stared at Robin in surprise. “What?”


“Well, thanks for walking with me.” Tanner said.

“You're welcome. We'll have to battle some other time.” Robin said. “Take care.”

Tanner watched as the two departed back down the path.

“Well… They were odd.” Tanner said to Tsara. The Eevee nodded. “But that doesn't matter now! Because now, our adventure will start, officially!”

“Now...where do I get a trainer card? That Robin guy said… oh, I can't remember.” Tanner said. Looking around, he noticed a man in a lab coat walking by. “Uh, Excuse me, sir.”

“Hm?” The man had light brown hair and blue eyes. The nametag on his lab coat read Professor Gum.

“Do you know where I can get a Trainer Card?” Tanner asked. The man looked Tanner over, then smiled.

“Of course. Right this way.” The Professor said. He began to guide Tanner through the town. “So, young man. What is your name?”
“I'm Tanner. Oh, and this is Tsara.” Tanner said, gesturing to his Eevee. Tsara dashed behind Tanner and peeked out from behind his leg.

“Well, Tanner, I'm Professor Gum.” The Professor said. “I study Pokemon.”

“Cool.” Tanner said. “That sounds really neat.”

“Yeah, it can be. Usually, it's a bunch of paperwork, though. I'm assuming you're on a journey?” Professor Gum asked.

“Yep. An adventure!”

“And what, may I ask, is the goal of your adventure?” Tanner thought for a moment.

“Um… To explore and travel.” Tanner said. “I think.”

“You think?” Professor Gum said. “That's not good.”

“Why is that not good?”

“Well, when you go on a journey, it's important to have a complete goal in mind so that you don't stray from your path.” Professor Gum said. “Also, if you have a goal, then you'll know when you are done.”

The two walked into a Pokemon Center. On the wall, there was a television displaying the latest news.

“Hello, Hope.” Professor Gum said to the nurse.

“Hello, Professor. What can I do for you today?” The nurse asked.

“Well, my friend here would like a Trainer Card. Do you think you can hook him up?”

“I'll see what I can d-” Suddenly, there was a loud screech from the Television. Tanner looked over to see the news fade into static. “What the-? What's going on with the T.V?”

As they watched, a silhouette was formed out of the static.

“Greetings, citizens of the Musica Region.” A distorted voice said. “I have interrupted your daily dose of mindless television to bring you a message.”

“Who is he?” Professor Gum asked.

“My name is Static. The Musica Region is known today as a magical place, full of song in dance. Such a peaceful and happy place. This false image does very little to conceal the truth.”

“What is he talking about?” Tanner asked Professor Gum.

“The truth is that this region, once a pure place of natural land and song, has decayed. Factories and mining operation have polluted our air and ecosystem. The pointless songs of our days and advanced machinery has also created a pollution of another kind. Sound Pollution. We wish to stop this… disease from spreading any further. So, as a result, we are giving you a warning. Shut down the factories. Silence the machines. End the songs. This must end. But be warned, if you do not heed our warnings, then you shall not live to regret it. Any opposition will be silenced. For that is the fate of those who stand in the way of… Team Silence!” Upon saying this, Static lifted his fist upward, and the screen went black.

“...I… I must go.” Professor Gum said, pale as a ghost.

“What? Where? What's happening?” Tanner asked.

“I don't know. I'm going to call the World Police.” Professor Gum said, then ran out of the Pokemon Center.

“How terrible!” The nurse said. “How could someone want to end our music?”

“I dunno. How do you stop a song?” Tanner asked. “And do you know who that Static guy is? Or Team Silence?”

“I've never heard of either of them.” The nurse said. “But I'm sure the police will sort this out.”

“Well… OK.” Tanner said. “Um, can you heal my Pokemon, please?”

“Oh, sure!” The nurse said, relieved by the change of the subject. “I'll need to see your Pokemon for a few moments.”

Tanner returned Tsara back to her Pokeball and handed the nurse his Pokemon. The nurse placed the three Pokemon on a machine, and gave them back moments later.

“Have a nice day.” The nurse said.

“Could I have my Trainer Card, also?” Tanner asked.

“Oh! Right. Sorry!” The nurse said, handing him his Trainer Card. Tanner nodded, then walked out of the Pokemon Center. He took Blue's Pokeball off his belt and tossed it, sending out Blue.

“Hey, Blue. You ready for another ride?” Tanner asked. Blue whinnied happily, and Tanner jumped on Blue.


“Excuse me, young man.” Tanner looked down to see a policewoman glaring at him. He had just entered into Gunky City on Blue, passing a dock on the way.

“Yes?” She tapped a sign that said No Pokemon within industrial limits. “Oh. Sorry.”

Tanner dismounted Blue and returned her to her Pokeball.

“Hey, could you tell me where the Gym is?” He asked. The policewoman pointed her thumb to a Warehouse with a waste tube running out of it.

“You better hurry. It's 5:00, and the Gym closes at 5:30.” She said. Tanner nodded in thanks, then ran over to the gym. He pulled the door open and took a look around. It was a relativly small warehouse. The floor was covered in some sort of purple goop. To his left, there was a metal spiral staircase behind a mesh fencing. The staircase decended into the floor, and rose up to a second floor, made of the same mesh. A Trainer covered in purple goop stormed pass him muttering angry curses.

“Well, well. Another challenger. Come on up, if you can figure out how.” A voice from the second floor said.

“I don't suppose you can tell me how?” Tanner asked. He stepped into the goop, and sunk knee deep. “Oh, ew.”

“It's somewhere in the slime down there.” The voice said. “Now, hurry up! I'm tired and wanna go home.”

“Well then.” Tanner said. He began to wade through the muck. After about five minutes, he was still wading through the sludge.

“What is this stuff?” Tanner asked.

“Don't worry, it's non-toxic.” The voice said. “It's by-products from-”

Tanner didn't get the chance to here what the goop really was, because suddenly the sludge sucked him downward. Before he realized what was happening, he fell through the floor. Looking around, Tanner realized he was underneath the Gym. His next thought was.

Oh, gross! I'm completely covered in this stuff! Close to him was the spiral staircase that lead to the second floor. Grumbling and growling, he climbed up the stairs, and was met at the top by a girl. She had spiked back hair, and wore a purple no-sleeve with purple camouflage pants. She was sitting in a folding chair across the room.

“Well, it's about time.” The girl said.

“Are you the gym leader?” Tanner asked.

“Why, yes I am. The name's Marsh, and I specialize in Poison types.” The girl said. “You're here for the gym badge.”

“Yes. Yes, I am.” Tanner said.

“Well, to bad! Because my Poison types'll take your Pokemon out. Prepare to be dazzled!” Marsh said, jumping out of the chair. She unclipped a Pokeball from her belt and threw it. “Go, Zubat!”

“Yeah?! Go, Tsara!” Tanner exclaimed, throwing his Pokeball. On the wall above them, a large screen buzzed to life, displaying each Pokemon's Health Points.

“The rules are simple, kid! Once your Pokemon's health drops to zero, it's done! No more Pokemon, you lose!” Marsh said.

“Alright! Tsara, use Sand-Attack!” Tanner said. Tsara scooped up some goop and flung it at the Zubat. The Zubat flew slightly higher, and avoided the attack.

“...Why did you do that?” Marsh asked.

“To lower your Pokemon's accuracy, of course!” Tanner said. “Your Pokemon can't see with sand in it's eyes!”

“You do realize Zubat is a bat, right?”


“HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE EYES!” Marsh exclaimed. Tanner realized this and smacked his forehead. “Ah, whatever! Zubat, use Supersonic!”

Zubat let out a loud screech, disorienting Tsara. Tsara shook her head, trying to get the confusion out.

“Tsara! Use Tackle!” Tanner commanded. Tsara charged at the Zubat, only to trip and fall flat on her face.

“Hah! Your Pokemon's pathetic! Zubat, use Poison Fang!” Marsh said. The Zubat flew down and bit Tsara.

“C'mon Tsara, snap out of it! Use Tackle!” Tanner exclaimed. Tsara shook her head and regained her senses. She rolled under the Zubat and tackled it from behind, surprising it and knocking it back. The Zubat flew back into the air.

“What?! A critical hit!” Marsh exclaimed.

“Yeah! Take that!” Tanner said. He glanced up to the screen to see both Pokemon down to low health. This battle! My blood is boiling!

“Zubat, Poison Fang!” Marsh commanded.

“Tsara, Tackle!” Tanner said. Zubat swooped down, and jumped up to meet it, swatting it down, then landing on it. When Tsara got off the Zubat, it just laid there. Tanner glanced at the screen to see Zubat's HP at zero. “Now who's Pokemon is pathetic?”

“Zubat, return.” Marsh said, returning Zubat to it's Pokeball. She clipped the Pokeball back onto her belt. “Ok, kid. You're kinda good. But now, playtime's over. I'm bringing out my best Pokemon.”

“Well… thanks for the warning.” Tanner said. “Sorry, Tsara. I'm gonna have to switch you out.”

Tsara nodded. Tanner returned Tsara back to her Pokeball.

“Ready?” Marsh asked.

“When you are.” Tanner said.

“Go, Seviper!” Marsh said, throwing her Pokeball. The purple snake Pokemon appeared in a flash of red light.

“Go, Blue!” Tanner said, sending in his Ponyta.

“Seviper, use Wrap!” Marsh said. Seviper slithered over to Blue and managed to Wrap around her.

“Dislodge it by slamming it into the wall, Blue!” Tanner said. Blue galloped around the room, dragging the Seviper against the wall. The Seviper squeezed tighter.

“Hold on, Seviper! Use Poison Fang!” Marsh commanded. Seviper squeezed tighter, and sank it's fangs into Blue.

“Blue, use Flash!” Tanner exclaimed. A blinding flash lit the room, blinding the Seviper. Disoriented, it loosened it's grip on Blue. Blue took that moment to slam the Seviper into the side of the wall, causing it to completely loose it's grip and fall to the floor.

“Seviper, hit it with another Poison Fang!” Marsh said. The Seviper coiled up and struck… it's head into the wall.

“Blue! Finish it with Flame Charge!” Tanner commanded. The Seviper looked up in time to see a flaming pony crush it. Tanner looked over to the screen to see the Seviper's HP drop to zero.

“Seviper!?” Marsh exclaimed. “That's not possible!”

“Alright, Blue!” Tanner said, running and hugging his Ponyta. Blue whinnied in delight.

“OK, kid. Here.” Marsh said, tossing Tanner a badge. It was a pin in the shape of a skull and crossbones, except purple. “That's the Swamp Badge. You earned it.”

“Thanks.” Tanner said, returning Blue to her Pokeball.

“But just know that I could've kicked your ass if I had my real team on me!” Marsh exclaimed, pointing at Tanner. “Now get outta here! I'm heading home!”

“Um… How do I leave?” Tanner asked. Marsh walked over and grabbed Tanner by his collar, dragging him across the room.

“This way.”

“The trash chute?” Tanner said. “I dunno-”

Marsh kicked Tanner in the back, forcing him to fall down the trash chute. He landed in a pile of trash bags.

“Really?!” Tanner yelled back up. A disc fell onto his head reading “Poison Fang”. “A TM?”

“And listen here! If you want to get to the next gym in Heavy City, then you got ten minutes to get to the ferry!” Marsh yelled down the chute. Grumbling, Tanner grabbed the TM and pulled himself out of the dumpster. Then, the full implications of what Marsh said hit him, and he began to run.


“Hey!” Tanner was jarred out of his recollection. He looked over to see someone approach him. “You're a Trainer, aren't y… Waitaminute.”

“You're that guy from before! Robin!” Tanner said. The blue-haired backpacker smiled awkwardly and rubbed a hand through his hair.

“Oh, yeah. Tanner, right? I didn't realize it was you.” Robin said. “What's up? Did you miss the ferry?”

“Yeah.” Tanner said. He looked around. “Hey, where's your friend?”

“Laina? Oh, she's around. But judging from your smell, you battled Marsh?” Robin asked.

“Yep. I beat her too!” Tanner said. He showed Robin the Swamp Badge.

“Great!” Robin said. Suddenly, an idea struck him. “Hey, how badly do you want to get to Heavy City?”

“I was hoping to get there by tonight.” Tanner said.

“Oh. Well, that's not gonna happen. But I can get you across the water!” Robin said.

“Really?” Tanner asked. “But the ferry's gone.”

“Ferry, shmerry.” Robin said. “I can get you across, but with one condition!”

“What's that?”

“You gotta beat me in a battle!” Robin said, pulling a Pokeball off his belt. “Go-”

“Wait!” Tanner said.

“What now?” Robin asked, exasperated.

“Um… so, I was kinda in a rush to leave, so I… might've kinda forgotten to heal my Pokemon?” Tanner said. Robin sighed, and tossed Tanner some Potions.

“Will those be enough?” Robin asked.

“Yeah.” Tanner healed up his Pokemon. “OK, now I'm ready!”

“Go, Treeko!” Robin said, throwing his Pokeball. The Wood Gecko Pokemon appeared, striking an attack stance .

“Go, Exe!” Tanner said, throwing in his Natu.

“Treeko, use Razor Leaf!” Robin said. The Treeko reached into his tail and pulled out a fistful of glowing leaves. It flung them at Exe like darts. Exe skipped and dodged every one.

“Exe! Hit it with with your Peck attack!” Tanner said, pointing at the Treeko. The Natu began skipping and hopping closer to the Treeko. The Treeko redoubled it's efforts, throwing more glowing leaves. Exe continued to dodge the attacks, and struck the Treeko in the chest, driving it back.

“Treeko, use Pound!” Robin said. Treeko punched Exe.

“Exe, use Confusion!” Tanner said. Exe's eyes glowed, and Treeko was pushed off the dock with psychic energy.

“Augh! Treeko can't swim!” Robin said, and returned Treeko back to it's Pokeball. He pulled another Pokeball off his belt. “Well, this one will put a dent in your plans!”

Suddenly, behind Robin there was a huge splash. Both trainers turned back to see a Gallade climb out of the water and onto the dock.

“Jax?! What're you doing here?!” Robin exclaimed. The Gallade had a panicked look on it's face, and it grabbed it's trainer's head. Robin looked at Tanner. “It's OK! It'll take a second-”

The Gallade's eyes glowed for a few moments, then it released Robin.

“Crap.” Robin said.

“Uh, what just happened?”

“I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to cut this battle short. My friend's in trouble, and I gotta get her.” Robin said.

“What kind of trouble?” Tanner asked.

“Team Silence's got her.” Robin said. “There's no time. Q, let's go-”

“I'll help.” Tanner said.

“No offense, kid, but you aren't really that strong.” Robin said. “Not strong enough for these guys.”

“Well, neither are you.” Tanner said.

“No, I...” Robin looked at Q. Q just shrugged. “… Don't say I didn't warn you.”

“OK.” Tanner said, returning Exe to his Pokeball. The Gallade grabbed Tanner and Robin, then they were gone.

The two trainers and the Gallade appeared just outside an empty, abandoned warehouse. Tanner fell to his knees, sick to his stomach.

“What was-” Robin clapped his hand over Tanners mouth.

“Shush! Q teleported us to Gunky City. Team Silence has Marsh in the warehouse.” Robin said. “Now, we have to be very quiet-”

Someone tapped Robin on the shoulder. Robin whirled around, unsheathing his sword and pointing it at… Laina's throat. Laina gently poked the tip of the sword and pointed it away from her throat.

“...Sorry Laina.” Robin said. Laina gave a small, forgiving smile. The four moved over to the doors of the warehouse. “OK, when we get in there, you and Laina hide somewhere near the door. If anyone tries to leave, stop them. Q and I will find Marsh, and then we get the heck out. Got it?”

“Got it.” Tanner said.

“Three… two… one...” Robin kicked the door, and the four rushed in. Robin and Laina ducked behind some crates near the door. Tanner looked over the crates to see… an empty warehouse. A warehouse in a state of disrepair, but an empty one nonetheless. Robin lowered his sword and looked at Q, confused. “Are we too late?”

Just as he said that, there was a loud BOOM! And a portion of the ceiling caved in. Robin and Q jumped back just in time to avoid a large chunk of ceiling from crushing them. The warehouse became filled with dust.

“Robin!” Tanner said, jumping up. Laina grabbed him and pulled him back down. “Let me-”

Laina pulled Tanner back and slapped her hand over his mouth, putting her finger to her lips. The dust began to clear, revealing a large pile of rubble. And on that large pile of rubble laid the limp, unmoving body of the Poison Type Gym Leader, Marsh.

“Marsh!” Robin exclaimed, and was about to run to her when someone jumped down from the hole in the ceiling, landing right next to Marsh.

“The man in white! X!” Tanner muttered fearfully. He turned to Laina. “We have to help Robin!”

Laina shook her head. The man in white grabbed Marsh's shirt by the collar and lifted her up.

“Pathetic.” He said. “Even with your so-called “powerful Pokemon”, you're still weak.”

“You… you're that criminal that the Police are looking for! X!” Robin said. He pointed his sword at X. “Put her down, now.”

Four men dressed in black appeared in a row in front of X, each with a sword and Pokeball.

“Stand down.” X commanded. The four men relaxed, but continued to stare at Robin. Q stepped in front of Robin, ready to defend him. “Really? Or what? What will you do?”

“I'll… I'll…”

“You'll kill me?” X asked. Robin thought for a moment.

“Yes.” X was surprised at this, then laughed.

“Well, snapped out of your funk, have you? It's about time.” X said. He popped the hidden blade out of his sleeve and prepared to stab Marsh.

“X!” Robin yelled. X paused, and the four masked men tensed. “The next thing you inflict to her, I will inflict to you, tenfold!”

“Well… When you put it like that…” X dropped Marsh.

“X?!” One of the masked men said.

“The message will sent, regardless of whether she dies or not. And what better messengers than witnesses?” X asked.

“But… the plan-”

“Is getting changed.” X said. He turned to Robin. “However, next time we meet, Robin, your death shall be assured.”

“How do you know my name?!” Robin exclaimed. X smirked, and threw down something. It exploded, sending smoke everywhere. Tanner tried to jump up, only to have Laina pull him down a third time. There was the shattering of glass, and two throwing knives struck the wall where Tanner's head was a moment ago. Smoke eventually cleared, and Robin ran over to Marsh.

“Can I get up now?!” Tanner asked. Laina peeked over the crates and nodded. Tanner jumped over the crates and ran over to Robin. “How is she?”

“She's unconscious and lost a bit of blood. I'll take her to the Hospital. You head back to the dock. I'll meet you there.” Robin said, picking up Marsh. Laina dashed over, and the four disappeared, leaving Tanner alone.

“Um… well then...” Tanner said to no one in particular.

...I was so useless…

The sun was setting. Tanner had just got back to the dock when Robin and his Gallade teleported in.

“Thanks, Q.” Robin said. His Gallade nodded, and teleported away. Robin turned to Tanner, his face serious. He unclipped a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it into the air. In a flash of red light, a large Blastoise splashed into the water.

“Whoa!” Tanner exclaimed.

“Hydrofoil will take you across the channel. In order to get to Heavy City, you got to go through Mount Forte. Before Mount Forte, there's Pokemon Center where you can rest for the night.” Robin said. “Got it?”

“Dude! Your Pokemon!” Tanner said.

“What? What about them?” Robin said.

“They're… really tough looking.” Tanner said. “I thought-”

“My friend's a Breeder. I was looking after some of her Pokemon.” Robin said. “I'll see you around, Tanner. Don't worry, Hydrofoil will be able to find me again.”

“...Are you OK?” Tanner asked. “You seem kinda… distressed.”

“I'm fine!” Robin said.

“Look… I'm sorry about what happened to Marsh. Is she OK?”

“...She'll be OK.” Robin said. He looked at the setting sun for a moment, then turned back to Tanner. “Look, dude. You probably won't see me for a while. So this is where we part ways.”

“It was nice meeting you, Robin.” Tanner said. The two trainers shook hands, and Robin began to walk away. A thought suddenly occurred to Tanner. “Hey, wait.”

Robin stopped.

“Back in the warehouse, the man in white… X… He knew your name. How?” Tanner asked. Robin turned to Tanner, a dark look on his face.

“I have never met that man in my life.” Robin said, darkly. Tanner took a step back, and Robin walked away. The Blastoise grunted at Tanner, and motioned for him to get on.

“...Right.” Tanner said. He got on the Blastoise, and they rode away.

...To be Continued...
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