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Ideas for art I probably couldn't draw myself: Tai makes a friend

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice This takes place BEFORE Mona evolved.
Panel 1: A Riolu is threatening a Houndour.
Panel 2: Tai approaches and sees what is happening.
Panel 3: Tai moves between the Riolu and the Houndour.
Panel 4: Tai-"Leave the kid alone."
Panel 5: Riolu-"And what if I don't?"
Panel 6: Tai hits the Riolu with Force Palm, sending him flying.
Panel 7: Tai and the Houndour look down at the now unconscious Riolu (turns out he was a lower level).
Panel 8: The Houndour looks at Tai with adoring eyes and a wagging tail.
Panel 9: (Later) Tai walks past Mona with the Houndour following him and wagging his tail.
Panel 10: Mona looks at the Houndour, then at Tai.
Panel 11: Tai-"Don't ask."
  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Jun 9, 2017