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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 6

by Scrafty

Scrafty Onthe plane to Australia
Next day...
Lucas: Another good day in Warriorsville.
Don: Hey! There is some beef!
Lucas: I need to see!
Michael: YOU FAT COWARD!!!!!
Sole: Excuse me! I am a ghost type and you are a psychic type. I will use a move on you.
Michael: Ok. Sorry:?
Don: Are you ok Michael.
Michael: Who are you.
Don: That is not polite sir.
Michael: I am not a posh guy geek.
Don:Want a punch!!:@
Michael: Whatta ya going to do.<.>
Don: Punch you in the damn face with Dynamicpunch.>=OAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
Michael: Uh. I always get beaten up in stupid situations.
Lucas: Unexpected!
Moren: He has become a better bully than me.
Don: What are you guys staring at.
Lucas: At your awesomeness.:blush:Sigh...:(
Moren: I will give him a beating for taking my talent, bullying. Does that cutey Sally has a crush on him and wants me to prevent me from itting him. I hope it is not that.
Sally: Don you are cute.
Moren: I am going to bring madness into the next level. >:DI will be as devious as a devil!
Hey you mushead.
Don: Hey! It is you again. How is it going Morey.
Moren: I face you to a bully fight.
Don: Why are you like this I just used my Dynamicpunch to hit that guys butt off! Oh:x:
Moren: Fight after dinner time.
Don: Well let's go on an adventure now. Where are we going today. Hey look we can go to AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my daze!@.@
Moren: Stop liying kid.
Don: I swear I am not.
Moren: Oh you aren't. You are lucky.
Jacub: Hey. Australia s a nice place to be. Right.
Sally: Not interested because New York is way better.
Jacub::-OAustralia is better than New York.
Sally: Pfft... yeah right.:\=|:
Moren: Let's go.
On the plane.
Jacub: This is tough work you know. But now is smooth in the aero plane.
Sally: Stop it. Your making me like angry.
Jacub: Australia has better houses and stuff there. Not like you have been there before. I was born in Australia and moved to America for the time been. I might have lived in Australia for 3 years but I stll remember all the times I have had so please don't say bad stuff about Australia.
Sally: Hmphh.
Lets see what happends next
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