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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 4

by Scrafty

Scrafty They are on their fisrt adventure. There might be a problem
Moren: We are on the route to The forest and we are going to do whatever I say.
Lucas: Yeah, ok moron LOL!!!
Moren: I SAID CALL ME MOREY¬_#!!!!!
Don: He is scary man. Don't make jokes on him.
Sally: Morey can you stop trying to bully these children.
Moren: If you say so.
Lucas: Wow, I am so happy.<.>
Moren: But don't make fun of my name.
Sally: Shut up Morey and walk on. I will call you Moren if you mess with them.
Lucas: I think we are here guys.
Jacub: I am scared.
Lucas: Put ya feet out there!
Jacub: Eek...:'|
At the forest of Texas
Lucas: The teanseud. I gonna call him Teddy.
Sally: That's a cute name I agree.:love:
Jacub: So do I.
Moren: Lets defeat the monster that is hitting the Teddy.
Everyone: Yahhh!!!
They defeated the monster.
Teddy: Thank you for saving and hello... What is your name girl. I look snazzy and ready to drink snapple with you out8)
Sally: Oh...:love:
Lucas: No love time we need to go back
Moren: We have completed my first mission.
Terry: Well done guys for completing your first mission now it is dinner time.
Moren: Wahoo!I am starving.
Eating dinner...
Terry: Now you can have some rest for now because there is no more assignments now. You can sit and talk to your friends from other groups as well.
Uk: Heh heh. I am not from America I am from the UK. And I stole someones card from Michigan. Heh.
Don: I hear someone. They sound shady. I will have a look. Oh there is the one who sounds shady, hi.
Don: I am from Michigan about you.
UK: Same as you.
Don: What is your name.
UK: Err...
Don: I will look in the michigan group.
Uk: :?No!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don: He is from the UK. You traitor. You are from the UK. Uk camp is a year later.
Uk:;_;:(:o That is it just tell them I am from Michigan. My real name is not UK but my real name is Joseph
Don: But still.
Joseph: We should meet again. Bye
Don: Bye. Hmmmmmm.......:'|
Don is still wandering about the one from the UK an dhe is not happy about find out what he does with him in the future
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