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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 31

by Scrafty

Scrafty The future dungeons
Lucas: Holy flippamoly!
Don: It doesn't look that different...
Lucas: I am guessing it'll looke different inside.
Moren: I hope that we don't stay in Golbat's mouth.
Golbat: You are not in my mouth. You are in the portal. The secret is that I swallowed a litlle future thing and I cannot digest.
Lucas: Get it out of your flipping stomach and put it somewhere in your wing pockets!?
Golbat: Uck, done.
Lucas: That was easier done than said.
Moren: I hope he coughed it up, it is just soo disgusting(I seriously don't know why I came here.
Gone in
Sally: Who are they!?
Lucas: That is me and Don from the future. Don has red hair!?
Don: Cool.
Lucas: But you are a geek.
Don: Doesn't mean I can't wear it.
Lucas: You are going to be out of character in he future.
Don: You will see.
Moren: Are we going to join in or what.
Lucas: I don't really want future Lucas to see me.
Moren: Get your ass in there. I went into some weirdo's mouth to appear here and now you say you are too scared to go! You!
Lucas: Okay I will go in!
Don: Helo future me. Are you cool and slick.
Blivk: Err... Don is in another group. Hey.
Don: IT IS NOT DO...!!