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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 3

by Scrafty

Scrafty Meeting pokemon from all states of america and one from the Uk suspiciously.
They have reached Warriorsville. They had a sightseeing until it was time for their first day of practising.
Terry: Hello guys. This is our first day at Warriorsville and your going to be my trainees. You are going to be put in groups of five.
Guy: I wonder?
Terry said the groups. The 2 of them read the teams.
Don: I am in your group Lucas.
Guy: I am in another group. See ya. Thanks for saving me.
Don: What a nice pokemon.
Sally: I am Sally.
Moren: I am the awesome one Moren. My name sounds a little stupid. I know.
Jacub: I am jacob. I am shy. But I like to become my shyness and be a warrior.
Moren: Call me Morey instead Moren it sounds like the word Moron.
Lucas: I know. Pfft... Hah!:D
Lucas::x: Don he is scary.
Don: Yeah!
Terry: Co-operate.
Moren: We will co-operate just fine.
Lucas: Mmmmm....
Moren: Why you scared. Want your mommy.
Lucas: :@
At the board
Terry: Here are your first assignments.
Lucas: I am so excited. My first adventure.
Don: More like our adventure.
Lucas: Stop being a smart alec and be quiet.
Moren: So we are going to save a Teanseud at the Diendico village in South Texas.Sigh... Why can't they save themselves.
Lucas: Let's go!
Everyone: Yeah!
Jacub: Actually no. I am to scared.;_;
Moren: Shut your mouth baby hippie and walk out the enttance and find the pokemon and save it.
Jacob: Fine:?.
Lucas: I think he has anger problems.
Don: Yeah.:?
Well they are on their first adventure lets see how it turns out.
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