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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons Part 29

by Scrafty

Scrafty They don't leave
Britains have took over the place and the Americans gone home. All of the fans crying until
Lucas: Don, I kinda wanna go back...
Don: Me too.
Lucas: Hey, there is a portal inside some Golbat's mouth.
Don: Have you been having wet dreams again?
Lucas: Shut up, every time you wake up there's a yellow stain.
Don: Err... This was the stain that you spelt your orange juice on her sheet and Clorox bleach was the cure, but hope it is going to stay here forever.
Lucas: But it was an accident. Ugh, just come with me into a Golbat's mouth.
Don: Hell naw!!! There mouths are wide enough tho fit a truck into it.
Lucas: Trust me. Oh let's roundoup the oldies of our group too. We have all their phone numbers.
Don: Yeah, this will be a droop.
Moren: Hey, why the help you bring us back here. It is the Britains turn.
Don: I know but apparently Lucas has been having wet dreams about a Golbat that can take you to the future while you are in his mouth.
Sally: Where is Jacub and Alex.
Lucas: Up your nostrils, now let's go.
Sally: That is unfair.
Lucas: Your makeup is unfair.
Don: Lets just hurry up.