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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 28

by Scrafty

Scrafty Normal day
Lucas: Okay, whats our quest today.
Moren: Oh my god! Emeralda cave! Diamonds, Rubies and now damn emeralds! What am I doing with my life.
Sally: Shut up, Moren! This is a dream come true.
Moren: Only to you missy.
Sally: Watch your language!!
Lucas: Well let's get on with it!
Sally: Yeah, what he said!
at the cave
Sally: Yes, emeralds! My favourite!
Palkia: What did you say!
Dialga: Diamonds are the best you mutt! Now say that diamonds are the rarest.
Sally: What the hell! Where did you sappy pokemon come from!?
Dialga: From those rare items of yours.
Palkia: More rarer than those rubbish emeralds!
Rayquaza: Be quiet you puny legendaries. Stop moaning and get used to her opinion.
Palkia: Just because you represent the emerald.
Sally: Bye, pathetic losers!
Dialga: Your banned from having rubies and diamonds!!!!
Sally: Hi guys, I caught up with you guys!
Moren: About time!
Don: Okay, lets just finish this!
At the end.
Sally: Emeralds!
Rayquaza: Yeah, those awesome emeralds!
Sally: What are you doing here again you kids!
Don: This is the legendary, rayquaza.
Sally: Okay, and he acts like a child, like
those other disgraces!
Dialga: What did you say you ugly, tennant!
Sally: Who are you calling tennant you big fat homo!>=O
Dialga: Obviously, you!
Sally: I will kill you!
Don: Woo! He blew the angriness off the edge.
Sally: Shut up! You are not helping at all.
Don: Well, being truthful.
Lucas: C'mon, just shut up! I am collecting these emeralds to sell for a ton of money!
Rayquaza: No, don't think of it!
Lucas: Why else would we need these "jewelry" for.
Rayquaza: Your dead to me.
Lucas: Whatever.
Moren: Enemy sneak attack. HAAAAH!!!
Rayquaza: What are you doing you weird, overweight sausage!
Moren: Anyone who curses me back with such harsh words will get their body destroyed by me and will have no escape.. Even after you die you weill be unable to be healed and if I see your stupid soul I will thrash it and tear it into pieces and use your body as my flipping pillow, you here me!!!!!
Rayquaza: Overrect much!?
Moren: I hate you with envy!
Lucas: Lets go before the cave shatteres in pieces with these brutal fights!
Pretty normal.
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  1. PokeOmega
    Nice. Continue more. Please. (Make an excuse to make this continue.) Do a season 2
    Aug 13, 2016