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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 27

by Scrafty

Scrafty The Announcement
Terry: Group 9 to the announcement table!!!
Don: Ugh!? So early in the morning!
Lucas: Lets just go, it could be important.
At the announcement table
Lucas: What is it Terry?
Terry: Explanation about the terms of when your leaving...
Lucas: Ok...? I am not too interested right now...
Terry: Well the bad news is that your finished 16 days earlier.
Lucas: What!?
Terry: I had to break it to you guys. Wait wheres the other three?
Don: Slumbering in their beds.
Moren: What is it slowking fakemon...
Terry: You are leaving 16 days earlier.
Moren: Whatevs, It was an okay place to stay at.
Sally: No! I liked the rare's. But I don't really like staying here you know. Need to go to perfume conventions and more...
Jacub: We are all going to be separated in less than a week!?
Daniel: Okay, whatevs. I don't really care right now.
Terry: Well now you've been alerted, keep hold of that.
Moren: Okay, back to bed, SNOOOOREEE!!!
Terry: Moren is such a bad example of a leader.
Sally: I am going to bed too, and I am also going to need some "extra" sleep.
Jacub: Night.
Don: Me too.
Lucas: Me too, too.
Next morning
Lucas: *Yawn*
Don: Morning brother.
Lucas: :?
Don: Tired are you.
Lucas: Pretty...
Don: Oh by the way, the others are up ready for one of their last explorations.
Lucas: What a nightmare.
Don: Okay...
Lucas: Well what are you waiting for.
Don: You, to get out of bed and your crumpet out of the doorway!
Lucas: Fine, You dumbo.
Moren: Listen up peeps, we got a exploration on our hands, we are going to some cafe?
Don: Yumm... Coffee.
Moren: Seems that some thief stole all of the coffee inside the coffee machine.
Don: They are going to be exterminated!>=O
Moren: And the cafe is not far from here.
Don: Let's go!
Codi: Give me your coffee beans you ogre!
Shien: No!? I have none anyway.
Codi: How dare you my unfair lady.
Shien: I am no "unfair" lady you impudent little man.
Codi: I am a pokemon you idiot, now give me the coffee beans.
Shien: Help!
Moren: We are here to kill the Coffee bean stealer.
Don: Destroy!!!! Use Osborne Ring Tyranity!
Codi: Ugh! That's a really powerful move.
Don: No coffee beans are for you meany and don't call her Unfair.
Moren: We retrieved the coffee beans of that crappy stealer.
Don: Yeah, don't steal coffee beans unless its for me.
Lucas: Overreact much.
Don: Shut up!
Lucas: Your selfish and you sell fish in a sushi store.:D
That was irrelevant....