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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 25

by Scrafty

Scrafty Glacier cave finale
Lucas: Hiyaah!
Don: Faint! Faint! Faint!
Moren: I hate the frizzin cold.
Sally: Well I came here for the diamond kind of stuff, not here to fight.
Lucas: Why'd you come here if you want to just, mess around with perfume.
Sally: I was eating a chocolate bar and this prize was in it so I redeemed it and im ere.
Lucas: Well did you want to come here?
Sally: No!:@
Lucas: You sister of a...
Moren: Shut up, and fight on.
At the glacier shrine...
Sally: Beautiful diamonds!<.>
Moren: Well let's take these shiny babies home.
???: Not on my watch! ROOOOAAAR!
Lucas: It's the mighty, PERIUST!
Perry: Well I am here to destroy anyone who tries to steal these rare shiny jewels of me!
Moren: Well I don't care.
Perry: You will be!
Moren: Let's just take 'em.
Sally: I am taking the most.
Lucas: Well I am going to chill out with my bro.
Daniel: Sup!
Don: I will take one diamond. Diamonds are pretty expensive items.
Sally: I am taking 'em all! I love these:love:.
Perry: You asked for it. Roar of time.
Moren: Is he Dialga or something!?
Alex: Ah! I am not going to get seriously hurt again!
Daniel: Piece, bros!
Jacub: Yeah. Piece!
Alex: Well I am going with them.
Don: I will rather run than fight, so bye!
Sally: No one touches my jewels. If you do I will kill you!
Moren: Come back here you numb slackers. I can't defeat him all alone.
Don: Well, our goal was to take the diamonds,not to defeat a legendary pokemon unlike you Morey!
Moren: You know what! Run away you cry babies! I will deal with this slob easily. I am a monster compared to him.
Perry: Pathetic pokemon!
When the others escape
Lucas: Oh man... that was close.
Sally: Diamonds!
Jacub: Moren is still in there. Is he going to be ok.
Daniel: Chill out. He is the mean pokemon here. He called us slobs, well I would not respect him.
Jacub: ...;_;
Jacub: Moren!
Don: I hope he is okay.
Daniel: I hope he isn't
Sally: Jewelry!!
Moren: ACK!
Jacub: He made it!
Moren: No thanks to you guys. You are all sack of potatoes.
Lucas: Well, did you bring any diamonds with ya?
Moren: Only a little?
Lucas: And how was the battle?
Moren: Smashing!
Lucas: Well let's go home.
That ends glacier cave
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  1. Scrafty
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