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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 22

by Scrafty

Scrafty Lucas goes into the future
Lucas: I hope I woke up in the middle of the night. I need to go to see that Golbat of the dungeon.
Lucas: I finally found you Golbat.
Golbat: Oh, hi again.
Lucas: Can I go to the future. I wan't to know where Dan and Alex going to be in the future.
Golbat: Sure!
Lucas: Ugnh! Where is this place? Woah hoverboards, that's cool!
Daniel: Hey bro, look a little younger and smaller bro.
Lucas: Dan, what is this place?
Daniel: You know, it's my mansion.
Lucas: And what day is this.
Daniel: 2017
Lucas: Damn!
Daniel: Do you even know who I am or something. Your acting crazy.
Lucas: The future is all messed up in my mind.
Daniel: What?! What future!? I need a time machine.
Lucas: Err... I don't know what you mean?:?
Daniel::o So you did come from future.
Lucas: Yes.:'| Please don't tell any else.
Daniel: Fine. For 1 dollar.
Lucas: Ok. A little bit too much, but it is fine with me.
Daniel: Piece!
Lucas: Wait, where is Jacub!?
Jacub: I am right next to him bro, do yo need glasses or something.
Lucas: Jacub you have changed from a little baby kid to some teen rapper.
Jacub: I got all of this radness from Daniel. Yo.
Lucas: Yo?:?Oh and what happened to Alex.
Daniel: You really miss the Swords and Dungeons place don't you. It ended a year ago, bro.
Lucas: Oh. I almost forgot.
Daniel: Well see you guys in the future. Don't tell anyone, not even future Jacub.
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