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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 21

by Scrafty

Scrafty Go on a adventure with new friends.
Lucas: Ugh...! Oh wait a minute. I just realised. When I went into the future, Alex and Daniel weren't there. What could of happened to them. I will find out someday.
Don: err... Lucas?
Lucas: Ugh! Oh. Don't jump scare me like that.
Don: I did?! Well I can be scary somethimes, but...
Lucas: Let's eat breakfast!:'|
Moren: I swear! How many more pokemon are going to join this club.
Sally: Without the tickets. It's like they can join for free.
Jacub: Who cares, I now have a new bf!
Daniel: Sup, dudes!
Jacub: I learning lessons how to be cool, and strong just like Dan!
Moren: Damn Daniel!
Moren: Well good luck, Not! Haa!
Daniel: Stop laughing you chubby bullsack of diapers and get back to what you were doing.
Moren: You can't say those words to me.
Don: Ok. Let's stop talking and start a quest. It has been a while.
Moren: Yeah!
Don: Ooh! An interesting quest. Lost item stole by a Magnemite. Ok let's go!
Moren: Yeah!
Sally: Wait. That lazy pokemon kid is still asleep.
Don: His name is Alex.
Moren: Wake up ya lazy slop, and get ready to go on a quest!
Alex: Ack! What time is it?
Moren: It's time to get your butt of that bed and out through the dungeon!
Alex: Ohm c'mon. I am tired!
Moren: Oh well, If you don't want any Poke Dollars...
Alex: I am ready let's go!
Moren: Well scrat, where is the theif.
Don: He's around the town.
Moren:Which one!?
Don: In front of us. Duh? It's the only town around here.
Moren: I can hear screamings from infront of us!7
Magz: Heh, heh, heh!
Moren: Stop, by the name of Moren and my team!
Lucas: You mean group!
Moren: Shut up! Busted Bunker!
Magz: You will never catch me alive.
Alex: Great joke!
Moren: Be serious you slop!
Magz: Ahah!
Moren: Scrawl scratch!
Magz: You are low on IQ aren't you fat pokemon!
Moren: No one calls me fat and dumb! Gunthope!
Jacub: I think hes ded!
Alex: Why did you kill him Moron!
Moren: Don't call me that! At least call me Moren.
Alex: Well, you are a moron! You just killed a pokemon with Gunthrope, thats using a GUN!
Moren: So!?
Alex: You love to kill, kill, kill! Don't you.
Moren: I should have killed you severely earlier on! You are a pain in the head.
Alex: Want to fight!?
Moren: Ok. For a weakling like you, too easy!
Alex: Flamethrower!
Moren: I will use Gunthrope on you if you don't give up!
Alex: If you dare!?
Moren: I will, ok, Gunthrope!
Sally: No!
Daniel: No!
Moren: No one messes with Moren!
Daniel: You just killed me brother.
Moren: Your stupid broher!?
Daniel: He may be stupid but he is my brother! You just can't kill my family memebers like that!
Moren: Well he dared me!?
Daniel: We should take him to the Poke Hospital!
Moren:Who cares about him?
Daniel: Me!
Lucas: Ok me!
Jacub: Obviously me!
Sally: Me!
Don: Me!
Moren: Stop following this kid, yo!
Daniel: That is what she said!
Lucas: I wonder why Alex was not in the future!
Alex: Ugh...!
Daniel: Alex!
Jacob: Yay!
Alex: Err... What... Happened?
Daniel: He is still alive! Thx Arceus the pokemon god!
Arceus: Your welcome!
Daniel: He talked back! Awesome!
Arceus: Daniel, you were the one that Alex summoned, so you can reveive him any time.
Daniel: Ok.
Lucas: I wonder what will happen in the future. I better find that Golbat again. At least we retrieved the stolen item!
That ends this part. We will soon fnd out what happens to the future of Daniel and Alex in the next part.