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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 2

by Scrafty

Scrafty On their way To Warriorsville.
On the Plane.
Lucas: We could just fly there yo.
Don: Meh... can't be bothered:p
Lucas: Lazy cow.
Don: (Sticks out Tongue)
They fighted on the plane. The fight got too big and it was wrecking the plane to bits. They were fighting into the pilots room. They hit the controls and the plane was going down.
Lucas::o Look what you done Mr Peabody.
Don: You started it Hipocritic hippie
Lucas: #@[;*/
Don: The plane is going to crash.
Lucas: Stupid. Break the window and lets fly out. We have wings duh.
Don:)Hmm. Lel) Guess what your selfish and you sell fish on a sushi store.
Lucas: What the heck yo. Well I am going.
Don: I will come too.
Plane crashes with some pokemon in there.
Don:Bye pokemon.
Lucas: At least we are live and luckily we are near Warriorsville. Let's go fast as the speed of light.
While flying...
Don: Ugh. I feel heavier have I ate too much sandwhiches before I left or something.Oh it's another pokemon. What is your name.
Guasio: My name is Guasio. Call me Guy. I have the warriors ticket. I really wanted to go so I hanged onto your leg. Thx.
Lucas: We have the ticket as well.
Don: We are going there now.
Guy: I am really excited.
Now they reached. Lets see their reaction to this chaling frontier for warriors and enjoy their challenges upon them.
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