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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons Part 19

by Scrafty

Scrafty Well the next day. The human is a zomnie?!
>=O>=O>=O>=OMoren: Well it's a new morning.
Moren: Still worried about yesterday. Bro that is old now.
Lucas: Well, you left a human left dead bleeding itself out. And I kind of feel sorry for it.
Don: That's sick! That was grotesque. I had butterflies in my stomach.
Sally: Well get on with it.
Jacub: I am too scared from yesterday.
Moren: Get on with it like Sally said, yo.
Jacub: I might check up on him.
Jacub: He is completely dead!
Alex: ...
Alex: Ugh...
Jacub: He's a zombie! Meh! There are loads of zombie pokemon.]
Alex: What happened?! Why am I bleeding. Ugh...
Moren: Why did you arise him from the dead dude.
Jacub: How can I do that, I am not a Seraph on anything like that.
Moren: Well if you did revive him you are going to be the person on bin duty.
Lucas: I swear I didn't wake him!
Alex: Pokemon?
Moren: Well the bstard is awake again! It's like a zombie invasion!
Lucas: Well I am going back in.
Don: I am going to throw up!
Moren: Vomit somewhere no where near me!
Lucas: I think I need o puke too!
Sally: Here are so spare barf bags!
Lucas and Don: Thanks!
Sally: Now get out of my face with your puke!
Alex: You are going to puke!?
Moren: Hello? I killed you earlier on and I am going to kill you again!
Sally: Stop! Let's leave him.
Moren: Oh c'mon!>=OFine.
Alex: You're going to... kill me! Why?
Tiun: I am here! Ack! A zombie version of the human that caught me in a poke ball!
Alex: Tiun?!
Tiun: Get away, monster. Don't just catch innocent pokemon living in the wild, yo!
Alex: Sorry.
Tiun: Slash him, I don't trust what he says!
Moren: Sally said I can't.
Tiun: You are going to let a blubby lady get in your way!
Sally: Excuse me! Who are you calling blubby you Obese bear! Get a life! Oh wait, you don't!
Tiun: You stupid! You clevage!
Sally: >=OWhere did you get that damn word from!?
Tiun: Bee and Puppycat, when that Crab said it!
Sally: Do you know what it is called!
Tiun: No?!
Sally: You are a dumn peace of crust off my breadcrumbs!
Tiun: Out of where, hmm?
Sally: Up you damn tail.
Tiun: Worst curse I have ever heard. Wel you are a girl and all!
Lucas: Sexist!
Tiun: Shut up! And you are a rude little... UGH!
Sally: Just get out. Wait a minute, let's cach him in this poke ball! Ok. Human boy! Throw the poke bal at Tiun!
Tiun: No!
Tin was caught
Sally: That should keep him shut up for a long while!
Alex: Well, bye guys. And err... why is my head bleeding.
Moren: You fell over a poke ball.
Alex: Ok guys, see you.
End of the day.
Moren: Sigh... Finally that's done. We can finally go back to our quests tomorrow!
Jacub: That mean's he is not a zombie. He didn't say brains!
Lucas: Brains!
Jacub: Ack! Hey! You scared me.
Lucas: Haa!!
That's the end of this day. The our going to continue their adventure.