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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 18

by Scrafty

Scrafty Back to their oldselves. But Lucas a little different from going to the future.
Lucas: ...Future... bad!
Don: Hi friend, whatt's wrong?
Lucas: A dream?
Don: A nightmare?
Lucas: A scary dream! Or more like an OMG dream!
Don: What's it about.
Lucas: Err... I don't wanna tell. It's secret.
Don: Well there is no holiday so let's get snapping.
Moren: Ah! I actually had a nice sleep.
Lucas: Morning Moren.
Moren: Morning twat.:?
Lucas: Why are you been mad.
Moren: Shut up or beat it!
Lucas: Jeez take a breath mint. Your breath stinks.
Moren: You little...!
Lucas: Aaaah!!!
Don: ?
Sally: Morning mates. I am bored. Well... holiday's over.
Jacub: Morning.
Sally: Hi.
Lucas: Sorry Moren.
Moren: He said sorry hah. Gahdi.
Lucas: Oh no! I can't keep the secret between Sally and Jacub so well.
Jacub: Well... Lucas what's wrong?
Don: Had a nightmare. He won't tell you what's it about.
Lucas: Its nothing... Err let's do a quest. E3 2016 Info AAAH!! Nothing!
Don: E3!!! In... late 2016
Lucas: My life is in a nutshell! Ack!
Don: Where leaving by then. Oh ok.
Jacub: Ok. Let's do a quest. A man hunting pokemon!
Sally: Oh gawd! Let's go!
Jacub: It's in the Garope Forest near hear.
Everyone: Let'sa go!
Moren: Human! Let go of the poor pokemon.
Alex: No. Wait... I understand pokemon! Am I the new professor of translation!?
Moren: Shut up, or I will kill you.
Alex: Oh please... I have a pokeball I can catch you!
Alex: Yaah!
Lucas: !
Sally: Babe! Moren!
Moren: I will cut your lungs out! Don't try and catch me in a pokeball fool!!
Alex: Ugh...
Tiun: Thx for saving me.
Moren: Your welcome!
Jacub: Ok. We can't just leave dead humans on the ground.
Sally: This is grotesque.
Moren: Well I am running!
Lucas: I am going to have more nightmares!
Don::o Ok.
Let's see what will happen next....
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