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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 17

by Scrafty

Scrafty E3 2016 p2
Lucas: ...Ugh... What happend?
Don: You fainted and now you're laying on the floor.
Lucas: Ugh!
Don: There is no hospital here.
Lucas: Wht.
Don: Get your grammar right k.
Lucas: That joke is old as you grandpa's face.
Don: Why are you beeing so mean!
Lucas: I always been like this. From the start
Lucas: You are such a baby!
Don: ;_;
Lucas: Oh for crying out loud.
Don: You like my crying<.>.
Lucas: Just stop
Don: Ok.
Voicer: The talk of new E3 2016 consoles is going to start!
Don: Let's go in a jippy!
Lucas: Geez, keep your feet on!
Don: C'mon!
Lucas: Ok!
Terry: Welcome to E3 meeting!
Lucas: Terry?!
Don: Why so surprised. He told us that he was going to be the E3 talker.
Lucas: Oh yeah@.@.
Don:? Oh let's just watch.
Terry: The Nintendo NX is out now. It's like a 3ds but with Wii U features.
Don: Cool!>_<
Lucas: Well... I guess it's interesting.:(
Don: I streetpassed another 10 people. I met someone from the UK first time.
Audience: Shhh...
Don: Why don't you SHUT UP!!!
Audience: SHHHHH.....
Don: Don't raise your voice!
Audience: SECURITY!!
Don: Not security!
Luzien: Hey Moren we got an annoying man!
Moren: Oh it's you ugly frick!
Don: It's me pistaker!
Moren: You are out!
Don: No one drags me out of E3
Moren: Well I do!
Don: Don't touch me slut.
Moren: OUT!
Don: Drink a cup of pup yo!
Moren: No! And shut up!
Don: Take a chill pill!
Moren: I am not a drug dealer like you?
Audience: Oh!!!???
Terry: Stop. You are messing E3 2016.
Don: Moron is!
Moren: I'm going to toss you out of here!
Lucas: !!
Moren: Toss
Don: Mother of the world!!! Bye Moron!
Moren: That is some weird guy! He is even weirder than before.
Lucas: Piece and quiet.
Lucas: Snore...
Lucas: Ah... Nice relaxation with no annoying chat from Don.:blush:
Terry: Bye guys.
Lucas: What's that!
Jacub: Ow! You bistard! You chopped my arm off!! Ack!
Sally: You crooked cucumber! Don't mess with a girl!
Lucas: OMG!
Sally: Hi ho. I am just here and I see Jacub on the floor. OMG! Someone chopped of his hand. Who could do such a thing?
Jacub: You!
Sally: Shuddup!
Jacub: Why?
Sally: I should have cut your mouth off instead of your flippin arm!
Lucas: You went too far!
Sally: Sorr!
Jacub: She isn't sorry!
Moren: OMG! Sally you monster! You may be a women but you're going to jail.
Sally: It was Lucas!
Moren: It can't be?!
Sally: WAAH!
Moren: For lying to a ecurity double years in Jail. 2 years!
Sally: I need to go to California!
Moren: You almost killed Jacub yo!
Sally: He almost killed me?
Moren: No back chat, lady!
Sally: Shut up ya fat mole, get a life.
Moren: Why don't you. You homeloss slob. Going to stupid damn beauty contests. You can't even a get a job.
Sally: Your a fetus!
Moren: OUT!!!!
Jacub: OW!
Lucas: Are you ok! OMG!!! The future's hurrendous. TAKE ME OUT OF HERE!!!
Golbat: Out!
Lucas: I had a nightmare. Don is a complete idiot, Moren is a security(suits him) Sally a killer and Jacub is normal.
Golbat: See ya!
Lucas: Ok.
Well that ends the holiday!>:D
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