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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 16

by Scrafty

Scrafty Lucas in E3 2016
Lucas: I am here. In my dreams. Da fuq
Don: Lucas. I am so happy to see you.
Lucas: What has happend to you. Why do you have a mohawk?
Don: Duh... I am a punk! Or just a wig.
Lucas: It looks so real dude.
Don: You sound diferent. Are you ok.
Lucas: It's me?
Don: You sound like a kid. Are you a girl!?
Lucas: Hell nah! And you should be smarter than this.
Don: I am smart.
Lucas: How am I a girl.
Don: Voice?
Lucas: Well you're a bum!
Don: I am a bum?
Lucas: You are?
Lucas::'| Sorry mate.
Don: I am a bum! Waah!
Lucas: Don't take it to seriously and why are you here?
Don: Duh? We are aloud to come here when it's open.
Lucas: :o
Don: Why so suprised. Terry told us this morning.
Lucas: Well ok...
Don: Guess what?
Lucas: Well... what?
Don: My 3ds XL has gone green. I HAVE STREETPASSES!!!!!! Is it you?
Lucas: I don't have one.
Don: You do!;)
Lucas: I don't!
Don: I streetpasses you yesterday.
Lucas: What?!
Don: Are you brainwashed?
Don: ?
Lucas: Ok I am feeling better now. Ok, where's the others.
Don: They are here duh... they had to come. Well Moren's the security!
Lucas: Sweet!
Don: Jacub and Sally are buying Swords to kill each other!
Lucas: They must really hate each other!
Don: Yeah. And I am just streetpassing. Where's your 3ds
Lucas: Don't have one.
Don: You do!
Lucas: Left it at home?
Don: You pickle you never leave your 3ds at home. You love streetpass like me.
Lucas: I'm confused. Faints
Don: Are you ok.
Lucas has fainted let's see what happens in the next part of E3
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