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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 14

by Scrafty

Scrafty Weekend
Lucas: Can we just relax for one day. Every day we are saving people from other situations. Why can't they save themselfs. They are pokemon too you know.
Moren: They are not as good as us.
Lucas: That may be true?;)
Don: Well we went to the expedition and we did our practice.
Lucas: To easy first time.No difference.
Don: That is what you can say.
Lucas: We still have a year left in this place. It sometimes feel like jail.
Don: Not like you know how it feels to be in jail.
Lucas: Shut up! Talky pooper.
Don: Pig snout!
Lucas: Taddletale!
Moren: Be quiet. You don't know how it feels in jail. By the way I have not been there(Actually I have).
Lucas: Ok. We don't care about that anymore. I am not going on any expeditions today. I am too tired.
Moren: So am I.
Don: Well I am not.
Lucas: Yo are to hype!
Don: No, I am not. When do I eat sugar.
Moren: At 3:00 am?
Don: How do you know!:o
Moren: You we're talking about in in your sleep. I heard it.
Don: Pickle juice.
Lucas: You lied. You said that you hated sugar.
Don: But.
Lucas: Do not lie to me ever again.
Don: Ok.:?
Sally: Come on guys let's start our holiday.
Lucas: More like a 1 day shrewd camp.
Sally: Shut ye mouth and come over here.
Lucas: What Sally!?
Sally: Don't what me mister.
Lucas: Whatever!
Sally: You are pushing past the limits.
Lucas: Ok sorry. Geez.
Sally: I will break you.Crack.
Lucas: Ouch! That hurts. I will punch the skull out of your face.
Sally: You can't hurt a girl.
Lucas: Ok. You win.(I sometimes hate being a boy).
Moren: You morons we just wasted 20 mins.
Lucas: Moren you are a moron.
Moren: Shut up!
Lucas: Back to you.
Moren: You stinky diaper.
Lucas: Don't be a taddytale.
Moren: Ok. Let's just be quiet and start our journey in the next chapter. Ok
Everyone: Ok.
And they just wasted their time with some wastless filler. Oh well at least in the next chapter they start their 1 day holiday.
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