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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 11

by Scrafty

Scrafty In Hawaii
Lucas: Yes!! Moron(giggle) is still asleep.
Don: Don't trouble him remember what happend yesterday.
Lucas: Oh yeah...:?almost forgot:'|.
Sally: Me and Jacub will be the leaders while that Moron is hiber-nat-ing!
Jacub: Can I be like the ordinary 2.
Sally: Ok! We are going to Hawaii.
Don: Hawaii is a lovely U.S state.
Lucas: Far away of the U.S states.
Sally: Shut ya mouth guys and let's go!
Don: What is happening.
Sally: Hawaii beach contest. Bikini winners.
Lucas: I am not a girl and I am not going.
Sally: Suit yourself boys.
Jacub: ... I... mmm.
Sally: It is alright my little dumpling.
Jacub: Bleeeurrgh! I hate dumplings and that sounds wrong. I will stay with Don and Lucas.
Sally: See ya laters! Hawaii beach here I come WOOOOOO!!!!:love:
Lucas: Bozo!
Jacub: What are we going to do?
Lucas: Wake up Moron and say I am pinhead Larry!
Jacub: Should I.
Don: NOOOOO!!!!!! It is a trick.
Lucas: Stop being such a glooey prikk stikk. Or I will seal your mouh shut.
Jacub: I won't do it.
Lucas: Fine!
Hous later...
Lucas: I am sooo bored!!!!!
Don: I have to agree.
Jacub: Yeah!
Terry: You have a new teamate for your team for now until Moren is finish his weird hibernation week.
Picas: Hey! My name is Picas!! I am a rockastar!!!! And I look snazzy!8)
Don: Ok:?.
Picas: I will be taking Moreza place!
Lucas: You call Moren Moreza! <.>
Don: Ok. Let us explain our selves. I am Don. I am really smart and bold. I like to be a warrior when I am older.
Lucas: I am Lucas. I can be a little aloof sometimes. I am a joker.
Jacub: I am Jacob. I am the cute and shy one. I dont like much.
Picas: We are going to be a good team for this week.
Jacub: Oh and another team mate has went as well. Her name s Sally she has went to the bikini contest in Hawaii. She is so obssessed with those things. Oh well she is a New York rich city girl. I am just a boring one that used to live in the Australia than moved to Illinois. Sigh.
Picas: I am awesome and cool. I wear these glasses it makes me 100% cooler.
Jacub: Do you mean 20%
Picas: Doh!:@
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