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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons Part 10

by Scrafty

Scrafty oh lord!
Don: I am going to show That flipping Lucas who's boss now! I will give him a punch up his flipping face.>=O
Lucas: (Whistles)
Don: Hey Lucca.
Lucas: Don't call me that pinhead.
Don: Who are you calling pinhead!?
Lucas: You!
Don: Sadly Dirty Dan I have forgotten. But I rembered in August.
Moren: Hey guys! This might sound weird to you but I hibernate at August. So goodnight!
Hours later...
Don: Yah I use Thunder punch!
Lucas: I use slammercow!
Don: What...:-O
Don: Don't wake him up yo.
Lucas: Why don't you Pinhead!
Don: Dirty Dan!!!!!!
Lucas: Let's stop. This is wrong.
Don: Hm.. I think this is your first ever time that you have acted smart. Impressive..
Lucas:(whispers) Sarcasticallo.
Lucas: I am bored...!
Don: Lets annoy Moren! Let's see the look on his face when we annoy hime.
Lucas: Chuckle!
Don: I am gonna put water down his fatas face.
Lucas: Do it!
Lucas and Don laughs out loud.<.>
Moren Woke up and strangled them both!
Moren: Who are you 2.
Lucas: I am Dirty Dan and he is Pinhead!
Moren: What in the barnacles are ya criminals doing in my home!
Lucas: They are criminals?
Don: Yes! We are not the real Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry.
Lucas:(Whispers) I thought his name was Pinhead not Pinhead Larry.
Moren: I am going to wreck you guys.
Don: Waaah!!
Lucas: Don be such a dingy Dingo! He is not buff at all. He is a pipsqueak
Moren punches Lucas in the head.
Lucas: Suasage! (Faints)
Moren: Your turn Pinhead L...A...R...R...Y...!!!!
Don: *Gulp*;_;:( sorry Moren for annoying you am really sorry. So is Lucas. We are not Pinhead Larry and Dirty Dan. We are your enemies Don and Lucas.
Moren: Well..
Punches Don in the face as well.
Don: What was... that for!! (Faints)
Moren: We are enemies what do you expect;)!
At the pokemon center.
Madame Pokemon: Here they are fixed up. They had alot of damage. That pokemon must be as strong as a boulder.
Moren: I wonder;)
And now this is the end of this catastrophe. What will happen next.
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