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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 1

by Scrafty

Scrafty about 2 pokemon try to be the world champions of the warriors of warriorsville. Located in Western Texas.
Lucas and his best friend Don live in Michigan and the watch the show battles of Warriorsville on tele. They also had a app for it.
Lucas: Hey Donny, have you unlocked the steel shield yet.
Don: No! I am bad at this game. I suck. I am level 54.
Lucas: Hah... Are you trubbish. Get my joke. The pokemon trubbish LOL!!
Don: Ha... ha very funny
Lucas: Blah blah blah! Stop being a nerd yo! We need all the colors of the shields.
Don: Yeah. Well at least I have purple, pink and yellow.
Lucas: Pfft... Are you kidding me. (Laughs Ironacally)
News: There are free tickets to go and live their to practice. You get your starter armour and starter shields and swords. You can join our tournament for free. Only if you find the tickets in the official Warriorsville cards. If you find one it's your lucky day. There are 50 tickets in each state of America. Good luck.
Lucas: I am going now... WOOHOO!!!!!
Don: Whatever we are going to never get the damn ticket. Their are like over 1000 pokemon on our islaaaaaaaa......
Lucas: Shut up! Let's look for it!
News: But fifty people from each state can win. They have been searching. The numbers where getting lower and lower. All of the states septh for Michigan has ran out of golden tickets. There is 2 more left.
Lucas: Why are unlucky. Waaaaa...
Don: I know. I feel sorry for you so I bough't 2 more cards one for me and one for you.
Lucas and Don: WE GOT A TICKET!!!!
News: All the Golden Tickets are gone. Last 2 were found in Michigan.
Don: we are going to Texas
And they found the ticket thanks for on's generousity. Now they are going To Warriorsville in Texas and To live there for a year. Lets see what challenges they have up next for their future at Warriorsville.