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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons 13

by Scrafty

Scrafty Back to normal expeditions
Moren: Ok back to going on trips. More like quests
Lucas: Questiditions.
Moren: Quests!!!!:@
Lucas: Whatever you say.
Moren: Ok.
Terry: Oh my god.
Don: Terry is in trouble. Lets go quick.
Terry: There is a random wild pokemon here. It is electric. Electric is critical to me.(Screams like a girl.)
Electezet: I am Electezet. Call me Eletzz. I hate water type pokemon.
Lucas: I wonder why.:?
Terry: Save me plez!
Lucas: Can't you help yourself he is just a starter evo.
Terry: Help me Arceus;_;.
Arceus: I will help you.
Terry: Thx Arceus you are awesome.
Arceus: Eletzz please leave Terry alone.
Electezet: I did not do anything I was just climbing up the building. I am a wild pokemon. I am a salamander pokemon. And I like to slither up walls.
Arceus: I know he is an electric type but he is not harming you.
Terry: Poopsicles your right. Sorry Arceus.
Arceus: Bye!
Terry: Bye!
Moren: You just wasted 10 MINS OF MY LIFE!!!
Lucas: Awkward;).
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