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Gaiien Region: Swamp Guardians: Elkampos, Mooskeg, Cernunnos

by Keleri

mooskeg line.png
Keleri An estuarine pokémon, the Cernunnos line embodies the spirit of transition from brackish water to freshwater swamp, and of wetland mists, which are used to confuse intruders to their territories. The final form is attained in the wild only at great age, and these elder pokémon have prodigious knowledge of the land, flora, and fauna of their home ranges.

Elkampos –> (lv. 24) Mooskeg –> (Leaf Stone) Cernunnos

Swamp Calf Pokémon
Their eggs are laid in water, and they remain there until they evolve. The adult mooskeg are good swimmers and will defend them.
Learnset: Tackle, Water Gun, Water Sport

Muskeg Pokémon
Famously belligerent in defense of their calves, these pokémon have strong control over environmental energy through their nature power.
Learnset: Horn Attack, Vine Whip, Stomp, Razor Leaf, Rootbind, Thorn Whip, Water Pulse, Mist, Nature Power

Mist Guardian Pokémon
Wreathed in mist, they are rarely seen in the wild. They can bring all the power of the forest to bear against their enemies.
Base Stats: (90/100/90/80/90/80) 530
Ability: Sap Sipper / Hidden: Nature’s Wrath
Learnset: Wood Hammer, Waterfall, Rain Dance, Mega Horn, Horn Leech, Grassy Terrain, Flash Flood, Sea Smoke