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Survivors: Over The Garden Wall Chapter One: The Big Growl

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova Ok! This series is based off the Survivors series by Erin Hunter. Enjoy! Btw I didn't steal these characters, so neither should u!
Sly was a Lone Dog. His pup name was Ylvis, and he was a pure blooded Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. He was sold soon after he was old enough to leave his
Mother-Dog and sire, but he was sold to cruel humans and ran away. He grew up on the streets, a kind fellow alone Dog teaching him how to survive before that dog was hit by a car. He had been caught by longpaws, the species that basically ruled the Earth. When there, he had met a kind female dog in the cage next to his. Her scent made him calm, and having her fur pressed against his made him happy. One day, he awoke and felt something was wrong. The other dogs were barking frantically, telling the longpaws something was wrong. Sly could sense it too. He began barking, knowing it was no use but giving in to fear. He soon calmed down and turned to London, the female black and white Farm-Work dog. "London! Where are the long paws?" He barked over the noise. London shook her head, pressing against him, shaking. Suddenly, the Earth heaved as if the Earth-Dog herself had nudged the building over. Sly gave a last howl as his vision coated in smoke, his cage fell, and he felt London's fur falling away.....

Sly blinked his eyes open, the Sun-Dog's light stabbing at his eyes after all the time in the Trap House's fake light. His eyes soon adjusted and he realized he was on the floor, his cage smashed. The building was destroyed, and it was silent. No more barking. No more of the Big Growl. Just the scent of death. Horror clenched his gut when he realized London might be dead. "London? London!" He barked. "Sly! I'm over here! My cage..... It's stuck!" She howled in reply. Sly was glad she was safe, but horrified of the overwhelming death scent. He raced over to London and pulled at her cage, which was stuck under rubble and seemed about to collapse at any moment. The door popped loose, and London raced out just before the debris crushed her cage. London pressed her flank against Sly's and buried her nose in his neck fur. "Thank you....," she told him gently, voice and body trembling. Sly looked around, nodding in acknowledgment. It was horrifying. Broken bodies of dogs everywhere..... He saw a flicker of movement and ran to it, London at his heels. It was a dyeing soon-to-have-been Mother-Dog. His eyes were full of sympathy as he pressed his nose against the small dog's flank, hoping her and her unborn pups a good afterlife. She smiled gently at Sly before going limp. London let out a yip of horror as the death scent came from the dog. Sly turned and nudged London out an opening in the wall wordlessly.