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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Surfing and A Goodbye

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria and Irma are stuck on the river but someone arrives to help them.

Daria is then given the option to let go one of her pokemon to a contest trainer.
"What will we do?" Irma asked in despair.
"Don't panic. We can always find a boat around here." I said but i couldn't seem to find any.
Eventually, UK came toward us from behind.
"Hello. What did i miss?" UK asked.
"We can't cross the river." I said.
"No prob. Go Lapras." He said.

The Transport Pokemon
Its high intelligence enables it to understand human speech. It likes to ferry people on its back.

"Wow. A Lapras." Irma said.
"It also is an ice type." I said reading Dex.
"Oh that is soo cute." Irma said.
"Anyways. Lapras can carry us to the other side." UK said
"Let's go then." We both said.
On the way there, UK gave us both his number so we can call him.
"Bye." He said.
We waved back at him as he left shore.
We kept walking and reached Route 107. There I saw a pokemon called Mudkip and wanted to catch.

The Mud Fish Pokemon
Its large tail fin propels it through water with powerful acceleration. It is strong in spite of its size.

I sent out Buneary and used Pound which Mudkip dodged and hit Buneary with water gun and fainted. A stranger called upon me and Mudkip fled.
"Hello there, young lady." The man approached us.
"My catch fled."
"I saw your Buneary, and I must say. I'm impressed." He said
"Really?" I said.
"I'm here to offer something for that Buneary of yours. I need it to compete in contest." He said.
"Sure, why not." I said. "Promise to take care of it?" I asked.
"Yes. I promise."
I handed him Buneary and we both said our goodbyes. We eventually made it to Lightsky City. We saw many trainers walking by.
"I love travelling. Is fun." Irma said.
I kept close watch at everybody. Making sure I didn't miss those two. Eventually, I bumped an adult lady. It was a professor by the look of the coat.
"I'm so sorry." I told her.
"You are perfect. Just what I need." She said.
"What?" I asked...