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SSB64 Adventures: Super Smash Bros. 64 Adventures #5 Dream Land

by nooblynob

nooblynob #summercamp15 The fifth part where Fox, Link, and Donkey Kong travel to Dream Land and meet Ness and Kirby.
Dream Land, Dream Land.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Dream Land. Kirby was helping Ness heal from a battle he had with Captain Falcon, and Kirby went to give water to Ness. While he was getting it he spotted Fox, Donkey Kong, and Link in the distance. "Hey guys!" Kirby called out in his cute, high pitched voice. "Hey Kirby!" They called back. "Why are you guys here?" Kirby asked as they ran up. "We need your help" Link said. "With what?" Kirby replied "I need to heal Ness right now." "Have you noticed Captain Falcon and Samus acting strange recently?" Fox asked. "Yeah, both of them attacked us. Ness took on Captain Falcon while I took on Samus, and Ness got injured badly" Kirby told them. "We found out why" Fox said. "Master Hand has been controlling them somehow, and making them attack us" Donkey Kong told Kirby. "Master Hand, huh? Should've known he'd do something like that" Kirby said. "We encountered Master Hand while fighting Samus and Falcon and Planet Zebes, and he said he was going to do the same to us" Link explained. "So then you want me to help you defeat him, right?" Kirby figured. "Yeah, but you don't have to" Donkey Kong said. Just then, Ness got up and walked over to them. "Hey guys, what's up?" Ness greeted. "Ness, you should really go and rest" Kirby insisted. Ness refused. "What are you guys talking about? Ness asked. So then Link explained the story to Ness, who then offered to help. "So then us five will take him down" Donkey Kong said. "What about the rest? Where are Mario and Luigi, Pikachu and Jigglypuff? Ness wondered. "I got a call from them a while back, saying they had met clones of them" Fox said. "Those clones might just be the doings of Master Hand, too!" Kirby exclaimed. "Master Hand must be making clones of us too, then" Link thought to himself. "We need to go to Final Destination" Link told the group "Master Hand is probably making clones there." They were standing in front of Whispy Woods, who was constantly blowing them across the stage. There were flowers everywhere, and three platforms above them. "We should probably find the others" Kirby suggested. Everyone agreed, and started walking to leave. Whispy blew more wind again, but this time they didn't care. Fox just shot him a few times and then he kept his mouth shut. They finally exited Dream Land and walked to Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi was happily protecting some eggs from danger. A Ferris Wheel was spinning in the background, and Yoshi was sitting on the slightly slanted ground, under three platforms above him. The two platforms closest to the ground were slanted. Yoshi heard some footsteps to the left of the stage, and went to see who was there. "Hey Yoshi" Fox said. "Oh hey guys! Make yourself at home" Yoshi greeted. "I see you got better, Ness! "So anyway, why did you come here?" Yoshi asked. "Somebody tell him the story" Donkey Kong sighed. Fox and Link took turns telling the story, and Ness would sometimes interrupt. "WILL YOU SHUT UP" Fox had yelled at him one time. Fox and Link finally finished the story after what seemed like an eternity. "Oh, I understand. So what can I do to help?" Yoshi said. "Will you help us defeat Master Hand?" Kirby asked. "I guess so!" Yoshi replied. "Should I ask if he knows where Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff are?" Ness wondered to himself. Ness decided to ask. "Do you know where Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff are?" He asked. "They're at the Mushroom Kingdom, why do you want to know?" Yoshi replied. "We were going to get them, then go find Master Hand" Link answered. "I happen to know the way to the Mushroom Kingdom" Yoshi told them. "Great!" Fox exclaimed. "One thing, how did you know they were there?" Donkey Kong asked. "I keep in touch with Mario, and I'm sure you know why" Yoshi answered. "So are we going to go or not?" Kirby said, losing some of his patience. "Time to go, guys" Fox said. Yoshi showed them the way to the Mushroom Kingdom and started walking there. As they walked the sun started to set, revealing more of the moon. The wind started to pick up and the air got a little chilly. They got closer and closer to the Mushroom Kingdom, and they finally started to see a faint outline of it. By then the sunset was almost gone, and the moon was shining bright. The stars started to come out. They couldn't see Yoshi's Island anymore. Little did they know, something was following them. Every time someone looked back, the thing that was following them hid behind trees, dove into bushes, or used leaves to disguise them self. They eventually started to get tired, and started a camp fire using Fox's Fire Fox. Kirby and Ness fell asleep right away, then Yoshi and Donkey Kong followed. Finally, Fox fell asleep. Link was the only one awake, so he decided to put out the fire and hit the hay. They were covered by bushes surrounding them, and there items were protected. There was a nice breeze in the air, and they all slept soundly. (End, thank you for reading!)