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SSB64 Adventures: Super Smash Bros. 64 Adventures #3 Congo Jungle

by nooblynob

nooblynob #summercamp15 Part 3 and now Donkey Kong and Fox receive some items and set off to fight Samus, who threatened to destroy Congo Jungle. She's been acting strange, why is she? Find out in the next chapter. (side note: as the stories go on they will keep getting longer and longer okay)
DK Island, Congo Jungle.
(every character in this series is going to talk k? i decide what they do okay no hate pls)

Donkey Kong was sitting on a slightly slanted platform, enjoying a banana. The sunset was a beautiful orange with some red, and Donkey Kong was looking off into it. "I wonder if my items are here yet" Donkey Kong said to himself. Suddenly, Donkey Kong heard someone be shot through the Barrel Cannon. "Who's there?" Donkey Kong asked. "Donkey Kong!" Fox yelled "Samus is planning to shoot down Congo Jungle!" "What!? Why?" Donkey Kong said, surprised. "I don't know! Samus was acting really strange, I hope she's alright" Fox replied. "Where is Samus, anyway?" Donkey Kong asked. "On her way here! I really don't want to but we gotta take her down" Fox said. "I ordered some items a few days ago. They should be here any second, we could use those" Donkey Kong told Fox. "What did you order?" Fox asked. "I ordered two Barrels, four Capsules, two Beam Swords and one Home-run Bat" Donkey Kong answered. "We can save the Capsules and the Barrels, the Beam Swords and the Home-run Bat is all we'll need" Fox said. Someone shot through the Barrel Cannon. "Hey guys, how's it going?" Yoshi asked. "Fine, I guess. So, what's in that box you have?" Fox replied. "Items. The Barrels will come in a few. Right now we have the four Capsules, the Beam Swords and the Home-run Bat. For DK, of course" Yoshi replied. "Me and DK are heading out, anyway. You can just drop them off while we're gone. Oh and I'll take that box" Fox said. Donkey Kong and Fox took the Capsules out of the box, and left the Beam Swords and Home-run Bat inside. They took the box with them. "Thanks, Yoshi!" Donkey Kong said. "No problem. By the way, the only reason I have this job today is because Ness wasn't feeling good. Kirby is helping him get better over at Dream Land" Yoshi replied. Well, I certainly hope he gets better. Come on, Donkey Kong!" Fox ordered. Fox and Donkey Kong both exited through the Barrel Cannon, clutching the box close. "Where are we headed to, Fox?" Donkey Kong asked. "Somewhere along the road to Congo Jungle, so not that far" Fox answered. "I still can't believe Samus would say something like that, it's not usual for her to be like that" Donkey Kong said. "She's never been like that, it's kind of scary actually" Fox said "we're a few minutes away I think, can't guarantee" Donkey Kong took a few practice swings with one of the Beam Swords. "Whoa DK, be careful. You know how big your arms are" Fox warned. "I know, sorry" Donkey Kong said. He put the Beam Sword back in the box. In the distance, Donkey Kong heard a noise. It sounded like armor. "Is that Samus I hear?" Donkey Kong wondered. Fox heard it too. "Told you it wouldn't be long" He said. Samus appeared from over a grassy hill with trees all around. It was almost nighttime and the moon was shining bright. "Fox and Donkey Kong identified" Samus said, in a robot-like voice "initiating destroy sequence" "We're going to have to fight back, Fox" Donkey Kong told him. "Oh really? I thought we we were just going to completely ignore the fact that she threatened to destroy Congo Jungle and make friends" Fox said, sarcastically. "JUST FIGHT YOU IDIOT" Donkey Kong snapped. DK charged up his Giant Punch. Fox started shooting some lasers at Samus. Samus was charging her Charge Shot. Fox ran up and tried to forward smash but Samus shielded it and down throwed. It started a combo and Samus fired a missile. She then finished the combo with a forward air. DK's Giant Punch was fully charged. "Fox, if you can grab Samus it will give me an opening to Giant Punch her. Go for it, okay?" Donkey Kong whispered. "Good plan!" Fox whispered back. Fox ran up and Samus shot a missile, but Fox rolled behind her and grabbed her. He started pummeling her and had just enough time for Donkey Kong to run up and Giant Punch. Fox then did a down air leading into a shine and down smashed. By then Samus was at 115%. She decided to flee. Fox started to run after her but Donkey Kong stopped him. "We don't want to kill Samus. I just hope that battle taught her not to mess with us again" Donkey Kong said. "Fine" Fox grumbled. "We should head over to Hyrule Castle, I haven't seen Link in a while" Fox said. "Let's go there then" DK approved "but first, can we go back to Congo Jungle and sleep?" "Yeah, I'm pretty tired myself" Fox agreed. They walked back and used the Barrel Cannon, and slept on the slanted platforms across from each other. The box was all packed up with all the items, and the Barrels were below the moving platforms. They both fell asleep in less than a minute, that's how tired they were. In the morning, they would be seeing Link over at Hyrule Castle. Donkey Kong dreamed of a grassy field full of bananas with a bright sun and cloudy blue sky. Fox dreamed about Ness being fully healed and ready for adventure. The sky was completely black now, with only some small stars, and the bright white moon shining down on them. The sounds of forest creatures could be heard in the trees, as Fox and Donkey Kong slept near the moving platforms. The Barrel Cannon was still moving left and right like it always had. Donkey Kong and Fox had locked up the Barrels and the box, so no one would steal their items at night. They had also put cushions down to make a small little bed. Combine this and the shiny moon, and it was one of the most beautiful nights that had ever been at Congo Jungle. The noises from the trees started to slowly fade away as all the creatures slowly drifted off to sleep as well. Everything became silent, and DK Island was one of the most calm places to be. Donkey Kong started to snore, and Fox woke up because of it. Fox walked over and gave Donkey Kong a flick on the head. "Idiot" he mumbled to himself. Donkey Kong was still snoring. Fox popped in some ear plugs and slept soundly for the rest of the night. (End, thank you for reading. It means a lot to me. Part 4 coming soon!)
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