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SSB64 Adventures: Super Smash Bros. 64 Adventures #2 Saffron City

by nooblynob

nooblynob #summercamp15 So after Mario and Luigi did their stuff its time for Pikachu and Jigglypuff to take the spot light in Saffron City. Mario and Luigi still come into the story eventually though.
Kanto, Saffron City.
(the pokemon will talk in this series k? no hate just skate mate i rate eight out of eight ok guys)

It was a beautiful day at Saffron City. Pikachu was playing around on the platforms above the narrow crevices, training himself. He was using Quick Attack to go from platform to platform over and over again. Jigglypuff was using Rest and sleeping on the rooftop.
"Jigglypuff" Pikachu said "JIGGLYPUFF". "WILL YOU STOP USING REST I WANT TO TALK" Pikachu yelled. "PIKACHU WHAT IN THE NAME OF SUICUNE DO YOU WANT" Jigglypuff replied. "I just said what I wanted, idiot" Pikachu retorted. "Well then what do you want to talk about?" Jigglypuff asked. "Have you made sure all the other Pokemon stay inside the rooftop?" Pikachu asked. "No. Why?" Jigglypuff responded. "Mario and Luigi are coming over, they said something about these clone thingies and how they attacked them. We don't want the Pokemon to attack them" Pikachu answered. "Alright then" Jigglypuff said. Jigglypuff turned around to face the rooftop entrance. "If any of you guys come out here while Mario and Luigi are here, I will Rest you as a punishment. Understand?" Jigglypuff told them. "We understand" all the Pokemon said together. "Done" Jigglypuff said to Pikachu. "Impressive" Pikachu admired. Mario and Luigi appeared on the platforms across the stage. Pikachu and Jigglypuff came over from the rooftop to greet them. "Hey, Mario. How's it going?" Pikachu greeted. "Not so good. We were just attacked by these black versions of us. It was really weird" Mario said. "Yeah, and they almost got us. But we're too mlg for them" Luigi added. "I could have just rested them and they'd be done for" Jigglypuff said. "I could have just not responded but nobody cares, Jigglypuff" Pikachu said. "Well, excuse me for being 2 stronk 4 u" Jigglypuff retorted. (REKT) Pikachu rolled his eyes. "Well anyway, what happened between you guys and those clones?" Pikachu asked. "Me and Mario were battling against each other and then they came out of nowhere. Then they started to attack us and we had to defend ourselves. We didn't kill them but we knocked them out and got away" Luigi answered. "Sounds like we might have some clones ourselves, Jigglypuff" Pikachu said. "Like I was saying, I could just rest them and they'd be done for" Jigglypuff said. "Whatever. Anyway, I figure those clones are probably still following us. We better get out of here" Mario said.
THUNK! Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff looked over to see what had made that noise. They saw the Mario and Luigi clones standing there, except they had brought a Jigglypuff and Pikachu clone with them. "Mario, Luigi, you guys take your clones. We'll take ours" Pikachu told them. All four ran up to battle their clones on the rooftop. "I didn't know the Nintendo 64 had the power for 8 player smashes" Jigglypuff joked. "Stop with the inside jokes, Jigglypuff" Mario ordered. Pikachu used Thunder on his clone, and Jigglypuff missed a Rest on hers. "I should've known that my Thunder ISN'T VERY EFFECTIVE on Electric types. AHAHAHAHH RIGHT GUYS" Pikachu joked. Three facepalms to go around. Jigglypuff woke up and this time landed a Rest on her clone. It was enough to knock hers out. Pikachu did a down smash leading into a forward air and knocked his clone out. Mario did a back throw on his clone over to Luigi, and Luigi did a forward smash to Mario. Mario up smashed to kill his clone. "WOMBO COMBO! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Mario exclaimed. "This isn't Melee, Mario" Pikachu said. Luigi spiked his clone offstage for the kill. "Nice work guys" Jigglypuff said. "Lets get out of here, okay? Luigi said. "Alright, lets go guys!" Mario said.
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