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Super Porygon Adventure!: Super Porygon Adventure! Chapter 3

by DubiousDiscDuck

DubiousDiscDuck He NEEDS this item!
Our three favorite Porygons were on an adventure, when unfortunately something went wrong...
Porygon: I'll try to hold him off, you two go unlock the exit!
The three Porygons were trying to put their hands on the Strange Souvenier, an unknown ancient artifact that was in this cavern many years ago. Many people tried to take the souvenier with them, but no one had success. And the Porygons wanted to change history by taking the artifact, but unfortunately, they failed.
The exit of the cave is also the entrance, there is only one difference between entering and exiting the cave.
Entering the cavern is simple, just go through the opening, but when you enter the cavern, the opening immediately was closed by a locked steel door, and the only way to unlock it was by breaking it's code.
That mission could be easily accomplished by Polygon, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, but by the first time, Polygon had failed.
Porigon: Alright Polygon, break this code!
Polygon: Affirmative.
Exactly Twenty Six seconds later...
Porigon: Did you unlock the door?
Polygon: No, I couldn't...
Porigon and Porygon: Wha-?!
Remember when Porygon said he would try to hold him off? He was talking about a Golem that came out of nowhere when they grabbed the souvenier. And since Polygon couldn't break the code, and Porygon couldn't hold the Golem any longer... They all got smashed, but they didn't die, for our happiness.
Porygon: Great, Polygon failed to break the code and we lost the souvenier, we could sell this and be rich! Or show off so we would be popular! Or even famous!
Porigon: Yeah Polygon, you did bad there.
Polygon: I'm sorry, but my knowledge was inferior, It's not my-
Porigon: Have more knowledge then! Aren't you the one that reads books every time?
Polygon: You want me to get more knowledge? Then follow me. I'll show you guys something.
Polygon guided the two Porygons to a place where they could have a good vision of a big city.
Polygon: Do you guys see that building over there?
Porygon and Porigon: Yes.
Polygon: That building is the Silph Co. They are a company that make the products that humans use nowadays. But they made something that may help me.
Porigon: What is it?
Polygon: It's the Up-Grade. It's a CD that contain a lot of information, and if I hold one of these, I will absorb the information in the CD and I will be even smarter.
Porygon: But how are we going to do that? If it is a city it's obviously full of humans, and they are very dangerous!
Polygon: We just have to be silent and don't let the humans notice us. Now let's go.
Polygon guided the two Porygons through the city, and eventually, they reached the building.
Polygon: It's here.
Porygon: What do we do now?
Polygon: We have to go through the door, get the Up-Grade and leave.
Porigon and Porygon: Alright.
The Porygons entered the building and passed through all the scientists, and with time they reached the invention room.
Porygon: So those are the many things that Silph Co has made...
Polygon: Yes. PokeBalls, everything.
In the middle of the room, there was the Up-Grade.
Porigon: There it is!
Polygon: Time to get smarter.
Polygon jumped and grabbed the Up-Grade.
Porigon and Porygon: Yeah! you did it!
Polygon: WOoOoOooOoOoOoOoOoOo
Twelve seconds later...
Polygon: I can feel my knowledge extended. Let's get out now.
Human1: Hey! Where is the Up-Grade?
Human2: I don't know.
Human3: Look! Three of the rare pokemon Porygon! Let's catch them!
Porygon: Oh no, they are after us! Run!
The three Porygons started to run, while the humans attempted to catch them.
Human 4: Catch the Porygons!!!!!
Many humans: YEEEEAH!
They all started to throw PokeBalls, GreatBalls, even UltraBalls to catch the Porygons.
Porigon: They are very close to us! What do we do?
Polygon: I know what to do. Follow me!
Polygon and the Porygons tried to hide in the grass, and it worked.
Polygon: Alright, here's the plan: Porigon, distract them running, you are very fast. Porygon, while the humans are distracted, paralyze them with Thunder Wave. then we start running home.
Porygon: Got it.
Porigon: Alright.
Porygon and Porigon got out of the grass and they did the things according to plan.
Porigon started running around to get the humans distracted, and when the humans less expected-
Boom! Everyone paralyzed.
Porigon and Porygon got back to the patch of grass where Polygon was.
Porygon and Porigon: We did it!
Porigon: That plan was very smart Polygon, The CD really works!
Polygon: Yes, it did work.
Polygon got the CD, Porygon has the Eviolite and Porigon has it's Life Orb. The Porygons now have their items to help them in their adventures. They are more resistent, more offensive, and of course: