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Super Porygon Adventure!: Super Porygon Adventure! Chapter 2

by DubiousDiscDuck

DubiousDiscDuck I NEED this item!
After the events on chapter 1...
Porygon: Now with that Evio-thingy, I am much more resistent and I can feel it! Yeah!
Polygon: Yes you are, Porygon.
Porigon: But what about me? I'm getting nothing?
Polygon: Porigon, you are already good, nothing can make you better.
Porigon: Then why did you say 'we are all the same' to us and next up forced us to go through that temple just to make Porygon more resistent?
Polygon: Because he was in need of it. He was not balanced in stats like us.
Porigon: Humph! Whatever, I'm going to find something to make me better!
Porigon walked a straight, long and full of wild Pokemon line, but with some luck, he found The Strength Dungeon.
Porigon: It must be here, I'm going for it.
Porigon explored the dungeon, walking, walking and a little tiny bit of more walk until he found the strength treasure. The Life Orb.
Porigon: What is this?
Porigon looked down and noticed there was information about this item.
Porigon: The Life Orb, Increases attack by 1.3, but you lose 10% of HP each turn you attack...
Porigon: Meh, who cares about HP anyway?
Porigon grabbed the item and put it to hold.
Porigon: Let's see how good this can be...
Porigon used a Tackle attack on the wall
Porigon: Wow! This thing is really effective! I'm keeping it!
Porigon was going home, until he thought:
Porigon: Hmm, I wonder if there are any other items in this place?
Porigon tried to explore even more of the cave, every single inch of it, until...
Porigon: Who's there?!
???: VEEEEEEE...
Porigon: Get out! Get out!
Graveler used Self-Destruct!
Graveler's Normal Gem made Self-Destruct stronger!
Porigon blacked out!
Porigon was unconscious after Graveler's Self-Detruct, the Normal Gem made it too strong for Porigon to take it.
Porygon: Porigon? are you okay?
Polygon: Say something!
Porigon: Where am I?
Porygon: Thank god you are ok!
Polygon: You're home.
Porigon: Where is my Life Orb?
Polygon: You weren't holding any Life Orb.
Porigon: Oh no, I must have lost it in the explosion! I must take it back!
Porygon: No dude! Don't go there again! You could have died in the explosion!
Porigon: I don't care about the danger! I just want to be stronger!
Porygon: If you want that badly, let me go along with you! I can help!
Porigon: No, I don't want any help, I must prove that I am strong!
Porigon: You guys just looked at me like some sort of 'support'. But now, things will change, I will have more offense and I know it! Let. Me. GO!!!
Porygon and Polygon: Ok then...
Porigon walked and walked again, to the same place, in the same direction.
After some time, Porigon found the dungeon.
Porigon: Get ready, Porigon's out.
Porigon started to attack every single Pokemon on his sight, no one escaped.
While attacking, he was also shouting the same phrase over and over:
After some minutes of battling, he found the place where the explosion happened.
Porigon: There it is, the Life Orb...
Porigon started to hold it, and by this act, he already felt stronger.
Porigon: I'm not done here yet, I will get everything that this dungeon can offer!
Defeating some more Pokemon, losing some HP,and when he was close to faint, he collected everything.
Porigon: Yes... I did it... I... Got... Everything...
Porigon got out of the cave and he was running back home, and he did it.
Porigon: I'm here...
Polygon and Porygon: Porigon!!
Porigon: I brought gifts... Ughhh...
Porigon fainted!
Polygon: Well, he just needs some rest.
Porigon had proven it's strength and courage by taking many combat-related things to home, and now, he is known as a very strong Porygon.
  1. DubiousDiscDuck
    I'm happy you liked my Porygon series :D Chapter 3 coming soon!
    Nov 14, 2016
  2. Cloudswift
    Good job! :)
    Nov 14, 2016
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