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Sunrise Spawn

by Pollen-Puff

Pollen-Puff This is a short story (maybe a series if it gets enough support) about the sandbox video game Minecraft created by Markus Person aka Notch. Minecraft is in no way my own invention (just in case somebody doesn't know it.)
Tan. Green. Brown. White. Yellow. Red. Blue. These colors all overwhelmed our player as he found himself in this new world with no recollection of another. He knew how things worked in life, but had no memories of his life nor himself as he gazed upon the rising sun. Looking to his left, he saw a mountain with abstract rock formations past a small river. To his right, he saw plains and a forest in the distance. That was when our player stopped to ask himself "Who am I?" This question only intensified the reality that he didn't know who he was. The good side was that he got to name himself, and that sparked energy inside himself. "I think I'll choose.... Adam! It's a nice name." Adam, enjoying his new name, began saying it in many different ways, which made him laugh at himself. "Ad-am? Aaaaadam! A-d-am. Aaaaadddaaam. Oh gosh, I sound like the biggest dork of all time."

Running through the fields, he started getting hungry. Ignoring this, the player started to realize that he would need shelter before the sun - already high in the sky - sets. Wood seemed like an easy material to harvest until a roadblock came up - he had no tools! Adam started to panic - no shelter meant he would be easy prey for whatever spawned at night. Frantically trying to find sticks on the bare ground, looking at the pitiless mountain, the vulnerable prairie, the unwelcoming forest, Adam punched the tree in rage. Surprisingly, the wood where he had punched started to crack, and his fist didn't hurt at all. Punching more seemed to break the log which shrank and disappeared as soon as he touched it. He felt weight on his back, and thinking about the log somehow brought a flat picture of the log to his hands. Excited, Adam punched more trees until he had a medium-sized stack of 'pictures.'

That's when it hit him. Hunger like he had never felt before. His stomach was a tiger roaring and it felt like there was one clawing at his stomach as well. The pain made him scream as he looked for any form of food. Grass. Tree. Rock. Bit. Picture. Pig... PIG!!!!! Walking (he couldn't run for some strange reason) towards the pig, it was the only thing that mattered. Punch, punch, punch, kill, blood, meat, HUNGRY! The dead pig turned red and fell over before evaporating into a pouf of smoke, leaving meat behind. Scarfing down the raw meat, Adam felt like he had pleased the angry gods of hunger inside him, though this was just the beginning. Grass, dirt, COW!!! Need cow. Cow meat. Meat good. The hunger was now so extreme that his thoughts began to slow. Killing the cow, he ate the tough, red, meat as he laughed in a way he never new he could and started to feel pain all over his body until he fell to the ground. Black. Red. Orange. Purple. Darkness.